Leaving Faker on the bench, T1 still easily defeated KT with a superb debut of young talents born in 2003

With too many stumbling blocks, T1 now have to tie down each score to be able to maintain their position in the top 4. However, facing a KT Rolster Having weakened too much, the defending champions still have the basis to be confident in an easy victory, with Faker taking a break after a period of falling form.

KT vs T1 Highlights ALL GAMES LCK Summer Season 2020 W7D2 KT Rolster vs T1 by Onivia

In this match, T1 introduced the brand new mid laner to replace Faker – Clozer. The young talent born in 2003 displayed an extremely destructive performance on the debut day LCK. In the first game, Zoe in Clozer’s hand completely destroyed Ucal on the KT side, had a perfect KDA of 5/0/4 and won the MVP title in the game.

Entering the second game, KT somewhat made it difficult for T1 when the area was strong, constantly exchanging kills with the opponent. Even so, all attention is focused and Clozer with Akali – A fairly out meta card in the current professional arena.

Leaving Faker on the bench T1 still easily defeated KT with a superb debut of young talents born in 2003 | Esports

Although KT tried to resist, with Gunner Teddy continuing to farm the machine, along with Akali’s strong surfing ability in Clozer’s hands, the T1 team still became completely superior in the delivery situations. in the final match, and easily destroyed KT to win the absolute 2-0.

After the match, the T1 representative also made a statement about why Faker did not play today, simply because the team wanted to test Clozer’s skills, and all rumors about Faker having a problem with Faker. Health is completely unfounded.

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