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Learn about good electric motorcycles – cheap prices for young generation Z

Currently, electric motorbikes are gradually becoming a popular and familiar means in the hearts of parents and students because of its cost-saving properties, variety of models and many outstanding features than the definition of a electric motorcycle can do it.

Understanding the personality as well as the desires of the young generation Z, electric motorcycle brands over the years have continuously released the latest models with all forms and colors. However, to find a car that really guarantees 3 criteria: Durable – Fashionable – Economical, there is an electric motorcycle company that can be named Dibao imported electric motorcycle brand.

Known as the leading electric motorcycle company in the modern trend, Dibao has affirmed its position in the market with high quality products at very reasonable prices, with priority on peace of mind and humor. customers’ hearts. And the recent model that is very excited by the young GenZ generation is the Dibao Gogo SS electric motorcycle. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this car!

Possessing a rich color palette

Only launched in 2020, but this electric motorcycle is rated as the best electric motorcycle in the price range of 17 million VND by a large number of parents and students. Dibao Gogo SS possesses 12 different colors that bring 12 very eye-catching looks. And because there are so many colors, this is a car that both boys and girls can use.

Learn about good electric motorcycles cheap prices for young generation Z | Tech ice tea

Using stainless steel and extremely sturdy ABS plastic shell combined with durable glossy paint over time, this is exactly the first plus point that every parent thinks when choosing an electric motorcycle for their child.

Beautiful car shape, trendy

Besides the beautiful glossy paint, there must be the body of this electric motorcycle. Researched long before its launch in the market, the Dibao Gogo SS’s styling was initially not appreciated because among the current styling models, the Dibao Gogo SS is said to have no breakthrough. However, when knowing the real reason behind this design, many parents praised the Dibao brand’s concern and understanding of customers. So what is the real reason?

Learn about good electric motorcycles cheap prices for young generation Z | Tech ice tea

We Vietnamese people are relatively small in stature and especially for the students, dealing with a vehicle that is too tall and bulky every day becomes more difficult than ever. That is why the design of Dibao Gogo SS was born to solve this problem and this is definitely a concern of every parent. Controlling a vehicle that fits your physique will provide a more convenient experience and ensure student safety.

Learn about good electric motorcycles cheap prices for young generation Z | Tech ice tea

The body is small, the front is light and the total weight is only 95kg, the Dibao Gogo SS electric motorcycle is easy to control and move on difficult roads or narrow alleys. Driving the car up and down the sidewalk with your small stature friends also becomes easier.

In addition, Dibao Gogo SS trunk is designed very spaciously, it can fit helmets, raincoats or some other necessary items of students. The saddle is extremely smooth, this design limits fatigue for the operator if he has to ride long distances. In short, although the design is not too outstanding, the color is very beautiful and the safety of the Dibao Gogo SS electric motorcycle is highly appreciated through the practical experiences of customers.

The engine is strong and durable

Dibao Gogo SS has such a small body, but the engine inside is unbelievable and makes a huge impression on customers who use it. All car accessories are 100% imported, ensuring the quality and durability of the car.

Learn about good electric motorcycles cheap prices for young generation Z | Tech ice tea

The car engine uses brushless DC, with a capacity of up to 1500W. Hydraulic shock absorber combined with front and rear disc brakes increase safety during travel and especially in bad weather like rain and storm, 90 / 90-10 tubeless wheels still stick, friction with the ground is very good , bring a great experience when controlling.

The big plus for Dibao is that with any car model, it also has an after-sales service for customers. The fact that a good-looking, good-quality car is sold at such a low price and with an additional 24-month warranty increases customer confidence. That is the reason that many parents and students always feel secure when using Dibao products because no matter what they have, they can easily contact the warranty with the company.

For more information and to choose the best and safest electric motorcycle, parents can refer to the link:

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