Leaks new features of iOS 14

Although it will take more than 2 months to officially launch at WWDC 2020, but much information about iOS 14 – the next operating system version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, has been leaked in recent years. .

Recently, a user on Twitter named DongleBookPro posted an interface image of iOS 14. Previously, DongleBookPro has also leaked some information about unreleased Apple products.

Thereby, iOS 14 will allow users to have more control over the wallpaper of the system. On iOS 13 today, the system’s wallpaper is arranged in a monotonous and difficult to manage list. This will be changed on iOS 14, when wallpapers will be categorized into categories, such as iOS (the default wallpaper comes with iOS), Classic Stripes (striped lines), Earth & Moon (earth & moon), Flowers (flowers) …

Wallpapers of iOS 14 are classified by groups

In addition, iOS 14 will also have a new feature related to the wallpaper is “Home Screen Appearance”, adding an overlay on the wallpaper on the home screen. For example, users can set the home screen wallpaper to become opaque or darker than the original image, so that they can see the application icons more easily.

Leaks new features of iOS 14 | Mobile

Wallpaper can be transformed to become darker or dimmer

It has not stopped here, 9to5mac Apple is developing a completely new home screen interface that supports “widgets” (small gadgets that users can interact with). Previously, iPadOS 13 allowed users to set aside the main screen on the left to display widgets. On iOS 14, this feature will be upgraded and users can place widgets anywhere on the home screen similar to the application icon, rather than being tied to the left like iPadOS 13.

However, 9to5mac said that this feature is still being tested by Apple and may be removed when officially released.

Previously, the leaked source said that iOS 14 will have a new home screen interface with the option to display apps by list (List View). Users can sort the applications in the list to be most convenient, such as displaying applications with unread notifications, or suggesting applications that users may want to use.

Leaks new features of iOS 14 | Mobile

The main screen concept of iOS 14 with a list interface

With these new features, it is expected that iOS 14 will be a major update and bring significant interface changes. Since the interface of iOS has not changed over the years, iOS 14 will surely create much interest from users.

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