League of Legends – When playing Garen is also an art: 5 tips to help you become a genuine ‘Demacia People’

Surely all of us memorize lessons like how to dress Garen, how to play and counteract Garen or tips to make good use of this champion. However, from playing proficiently in Garen, few people have the patience to draw their own lessons to be applied to every general in League of Legends.

Here are 5 expensive experiences we can learn from the main players Garen:

1. Use a short-sleeved champion against a long-sleeved champion

Any top laner is extremely afraid to use a short-handed general to deal with a long-sleeved champion. Generals like Quinn, Teemo, Vayne, … can all be major obstacles that make many players feel very difficult during the road phase.

Garen – a typical short-hand Juggernaut general – is no exception and often gets a lot of sugar in front of those long-term opponents. However, his skill set has tools that allow you to learn how to deal with these matches.

Garen’s persistent passive will teach you how to hold your position exactly when you are not advancing as a soldier because you will want to keep a distance far enough from enemy’s range to heal. It will also make you know when to go for the last-hit, when to choose to skip and just stand close enough to “sniff” the experience.

2. Reset basic attack

Garen’s skill set is extremely simple, but the great thing about him is that it teaches players about some of the basic mechanics of LoL. Typically, the Q – Decisive Strike – a tool to teach basic reset skills is extremely easy to understand for new players.

League of Legends When playing Garen is also an art 5 tips to help you become a genuine Demacia People | Esports

To learn this skill with Garen, you just need to wait until your normal attack hits an enemy soldier or champion. As soon as this basic attack is completed, press Q and you will find that you can usually play the next one without having to wait between two attacks. This is an important skill that every LoL player must learn because it allows you to deal more damage in a short amount of time, helping you to win skill exchanges or last-hit meals. soldier.

3. Learn the all-in way

All-in is a term in League of Legends that can be roughly understood as a player who gathers all resources and attacks enemies with the intention of killing them. When all-in, you have to plan on using all your skills, including any existing spells in order to get a kill. This is relatively risky because once you fail, you will no longer have any tools to deal once the enemy comes back to deal damage and all-in on you.

League of Legends When playing Garen is also an art 5 tips to help you become a genuine Demacia People | Esports

Garen is one of the champions that possesses a clear set of techniques designed for all-in purposes. He has the ability to increase movement speed and silence the victim with Decisive Strike (Q) – allowing him to quickly run toward the target and prevent them from escaping, as well as the ability to finish with the ultimate Demacia (R).

When playing Garen, you will learn how to evaluate when you can and cannot be all-in and when you must all-in. For example, in some tough matches against long-term opponents, your only option is to kill him before they poke your blood to death. If you play Garen enough, you will learn how to calculate how much damage you can deal with all your abilities and find the right time to all-in.

4. Learn how to dress

If you learn how to dress up Garen dynamically and accurately depending on the situation, you can confidently apply it to almost every other game. Garen usually only gives one item of damage before going to full tank. From there, you can learn other basic map options that can be applied in all matches.

League of Legends When playing Garen is also an art 5 tips to help you become a genuine Demacia People | Esports

For example, when it comes to choosing Shoes, Garen can dress up for Mercury Shoes (magic resist and effect resistance) or Ninja Shoes (to increase armor as well as block damage from normal attacks). The type of Shoes you want to change will vary from match to match depending on your laning opponent and the carry champion of the enemy team.

You will have to make the same choices when it comes to damage items (Black Ax if you have to face tank or Triple Sword if the enemy team does not have too hard barrier), armored equipment (Martyr’s Armor if you need movement speed and additional damage, Randuin’s Ice Shield if the enemy team has more critical damage), equipped with magic resist (Spiritual Armor increases health regeneration, Adaptive Hat if The enemy has many skills that deal damage over time).

5. Choose the time to fight

If you play Garen long enough, you can know what types of fights he likes. He wants to engage in small teamfights, can do well in teamfights but doesn’t want to be in front-to-back combat (where tank champions are placed on the front line, Sat Players and champions rush in to try to attack the main damage of the enemy – usually in the back line and protected by the support generals). This is because Garen has quite a lot of single target damage in his skill set, so he’s pretty great when there’s a specific target that wants to take down and can do it pretty easily.

League of Legends When playing Garen is also an art 5 tips to help you become a genuine Demacia People | Esports

In contrast, during teamfights, Garen can be difficult or even impossible to reach easy targets like ADC or AP Carry. Instead, he will become “fleshed” to take all damage and control effects of the enemy team and can not use his skill set effectively.

Playing Garen will help you identify opportunities to gain advantages in small teamfights. Of course, if your team participates in a full-fledged battle, you can still help them but you will have to adjust your play style depending on how the fighting is going on.

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