League of Legends: What made so many players use the ‘new’ Lillia in Singles lanes?

At version 11.14 then Riot Games slightly reworked 2 generals, Irelia and Lillia when their skill sets are fully edited and upgraded. For Lillia, this champion, after being modified, has become stronger in Single lane positions and is no longer tied to the role of the Jungle. Even professional players like ShowMaker, Rich, Lava… also gradually discovered the power of Lillia Single Street in recent times.

Many pro players have used Lillia in solo lanes

One notable upgrade of Lillia in the last light rework is that the passive of Dreamy Scepter has the ability to heal when this champion uses a skill to hit a champion or jungle monster. We need to remember that Lillia’s Q – Spinning Staff has a passive that increases movement speed. When combined with the above new effect, Lillia can fly a kite, dealing damage and recovering well when facing melee champions.

League of Legends What made so many players use the new Lillia in Singles lanes | GameK

Lillia’s passive has a healing effect since patch 11.14

In the past few versions, we can easily see that Gladiators, Melee Assassins are appearing more and more in Single lane positions. And with a great advantage when facing melee champions, Lillia after the rework automatically becomes an extremely annoying pick in Top, and sometimes even mid.

Not stopping there, Lillia’s skill set is also buffed by Riot’s interaction rate with AP. However, the base movement speed from Q – Spinning Wand’s passive is nerfed. This makes the “new” Lillia need to farm a lot to have a large enough amount of items to maximize her strength. In the meta where Junglers have a strong duel bias like Lee Sin, Xin Zhao is making a strong comeback. Lillia is easy to get robbed and suffers a loss in gold and experience.

League of Legends What made so many players use the new Lillia in Singles lanes | GameK

Xin Zhao’s quick approach will make it difficult for Lillia to get robbed

As for the Single lane position, Lillia doesn’t face such a big difficulty. With the nature of her kite-flying skill set, Lillia has enough movement speed to escape the approaching phase of her lane opponent. Combined with the newly added healing effect of his passive, this champion also ensures that he has enough health to effectively stay in the lane.

Regarding how to build Lillia Single Road, most players will choose Conqueror as a super gem for this champion. You should also choose the Presence of Wisdom point to ensure that Lillia has enough energy to stay in the lane and farm as much as possible. In the steadfast sub-branch, the two points of Armor and Kien Cuong proved to be very suitable for Lillia to help this champion better stay in combat and reduce the time being controlled.

League of Legends What made so many players use the new Lillia in Singles lanes | GameK

The Gem of Conqueror will make Lillia much stronger in lane trades

The Mythical item that proves to be the most suitable for Lillia currently is Liandry’s Mask of Sorrow when it combines too well with the passive Scepter of Dreams. Next, gamers should aim for the Cosmic Engine as soon as possible because it provides Lillia with 2 extremely important stats: movement speed and skill cooldown. After that, you can head to the Zhonya Hourglass, Morello Demon Book or the Rabadon Witch Hat for Lillia.

League of Legends What made so many players use the new Lillia in Singles lanes | GameK

You should get Lillia’s Cosmic Engine on the second biggest item to greatly increase movement speed, skill cooldown

In short, Lillia’s light rework has helped Shy Buds possess extremely useful tools to go smoothly against melee champions. If you are looking to change the wind when playing Single Lane positions, then Lillia is a very good choice to try at the moment.

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