League of Legends: Unable to host the tournament, will the Spring 2020 LPL switch to online competition?

Recently, the tournament organizers LPL has announced the organization of an online friendly tournament between the teams, while the professional tournament system is being suspended due to the epidemic situation in China. As expected, this tournament will be held on February 26, in the form of online competition, which means teams will make friendlies from afar through the custom room monitored by BTC.

According to the official announcement from the LPL Organizing Committee, 5 teams have confirmed to participate in this friendly tournament, including Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning Gaming, Vitory Five and eStar.

However, according to the Chinese gaming community, the move is not merely “too free to do anything”. Most likely, this is a test step in conducting matches under the LPL Spring 2020 in the form of Online competition.

Currently, due to the epidemic situation in China, the tournament system League of Legends The region’s professionals (including LPL and LDL tournaments) are in postponement indefinitely since February 5.

League of Legends Unable to host the tournament will the Spring 2020 LPL switch to online competition | Esports

If this situation continues, the Spring 2020 LPL will not be finished on time, and even China will not be able to find a representative to participate in the MSI 2020 tournament scheduled to start in May. Therefore, the solution to compete online is probably also being considered. Instead of competing in crowded auditoriums, teams will attend the tournament right at their Gaming House.

This is also the method of competition that has been applied at VCS (during the tournament also known as VCSA). However, even when playing online, there are still some inadequacies that need to be addressed, which is that many players from the Hubei hometown are currently not allowed to leave the locality, and if organized, play. then teams will be forced to find replacements.

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