League of Legends: Top 5 most noticeable changes version 10.2 – Support buff type throne, life Aphelios ‘downhill’

League of Legends The early days of 2020 were quite exciting and also somewhat chaotic with a fast match rhythm, focusing quite heavily on the Elemental Dragon. Teams are creating their own early game roster and can quickly snowball. This roster will of course include strong champions, OPs and some “bugs” in the meta – champions hoping to become targets in 10.2.

Darius, Ekko, Diana, Miss Fortune, Sett, Aphelios, Nautilus are prominent names in recent years. A few of them will have to receive worthy nerfs in this update, while a few new names will have a chance to appear more often. Here are 5 most noticeable changes version 10.2 that players should not miss:

Continue reducing the power of Aphelios

Initially, the nerfs that Aphelios must receive in version 10.2 seem to have a significant impact when they target two of the most powerful aspects of this champion’s skill set. The drastically reduced damage in the Calibrum form as well as the Crescendum and Severum AD ratio certainly affect the Aphelios’ current bot lane meta control.

However, since the Song of the Warrior is superior to other ADCs, this drop of power will only mean narrowing the distance between him and his colleagues without making him too much. so weak that he can’t play. Those who love Song Nguyet Warrior will continue to be able to use him in version 10.2, but because he no longer has the OP as before, you will have more alternatives.

Strengthen some traditional ADCs

In addition to reducing the power of Aphelios, Riot also conducted a slight increase of power for some unused traditional ADCs to make the bot lane meta richer and more diverse. The two names that received the buff this time are Draven and Jinx.

Death Vortex’s ultimate makes a relatively small contribution to Draven’s output damage, especially in the later stages of the game. However, getting an additional 20% and 40% AD ratio at levels 11 and 16 will undoubtedly be appreciated by Draven players because they can now begin to prioritize using his ult in the teamfight phase.

League of Legends Top 5 most noticeable changes version 10 2 Support buff type throne life Aphelios downhill | Esports

Jinx only received a light buff that does not affect her strength too much, with her Passive! will now also be activated when Jinx kills a monster. This is a situational buff, but its impact in some games is huge. Imagine Jinx and her team eating Dragon or Baron and right after that a teamfight, by being the one to finish the big goal, her passive is instantly activated and she has can shoot down the entire enemy formation with the attack speed and movement speed she receives.

Decreased strength Nautilus – locomotive meta Support traction

Drag support has been dominating the bot lane for a while, most notably Nautilus. In the end, Riot also decided to reduce his power by nerfing his Q – Launching Anchor. This nerf will make it harder to put down the damage to an enemy carry than before, and open up more alternative Support options.

League of Legends Top 5 most noticeable changes version 10 2 Support buff type throne life Aphelios downhill | Esports

However, keep in mind that damage is not what makes Nautilus’ Q scary. The ability to control it combined with other moves is the factor that helps him always lead in the list of support generals. In version 10.2, Nautilus will certainly still be worth playing, but Leona and Thresh will also close the distance with him.

Increases the power of buff buff types

Similar to the case of the ADC champion group, as soon as an OP Support hero has been reduced, some other Support champions are slightly buffed by Riot to stimulate the player. Coming to version 10.2, a series of buff assists have benefited, including Karma, Lulu and Sona.

League of Legends Top 5 most noticeable changes version 10 2 Support buff type throne life Aphelios downhill | Esports

The buffs they receive are not too significant, such as Karma increased by 10 damage Q and W or Sona have increased movement speed plus E. Lulu is also rounded up a few stats such as base armor and basic AD, while E cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds. Although not getting too much strength, this will definitely help them be used more in the future, avoiding making the meta boring with the familiar options.

Rift Herald’s health

Usually, League of Legends players often ignore Rift Herald to prioritize Elemental Dragons, dealing damage to towers or even sitting AFK to farm soldiers. Rift Herald has not had the impact on the top lane as it was expected after the changes in version 9.23, so the changes continue to be made.

League of Legends Top 5 most noticeable changes version 10 2 Support buff type throne life Aphelios downhill | Esports

Now Rift Herald will be a bit easier to kill at all stages of the game, encouraging top laners and junglers to focus more on the top half of the map, instead of being blinded blindly run down the current lane. Will this change go in the right direction as Riot originally intended? Maybe yes or maybe not, because players like Dragon and prefer fighting in the bottom lane anyway.

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