League of Legends: Top 5 duo of AD carries – Most supportive version 10.1

By season 10 of League of Legends, the bot lane duo became very important thanks to the changes in Elemental Dragons made during the preseason. This makes the selection of suitable AD – SP very essential to dispute the targets. Here are 5 good combinations in the bot lane to gain the advantage of laning and can fight well around targets:

1. Miss Fortune & Ashe

The duo Miss Fortune and Ashe has long been famous in the bot lane and can flexibly change AD – SP positions for each other depending on the strength of the current moment of each champion as well as the decision of the player. In version 10.1, with a win rate of 53.52% and a pick of 30.57% at the top of the Gunner rankings, no one is more suited to this role than Miss Fortune while Ashe takes the role. Support remaining.

In a “win lane win game” meta, Miss Fortune and Ashe ensure their success with the ability to poke annoying early game and push troops fairly quickly with large-scale damage. As soon as she reaches level 6, Ashe only needs to hit the last hit by at least one enemy champion and after that, Miss Fortune only needs to pour all of her skills into the standing prey. With the sheer amount of damage in that combination, the enemy will surely have to lose some important auxiliary spells or even immediately on the counting board.

2. Miss Fortune & Lux

Basically, the duo works similarly to Miss Fortune in conjunction with Ashe. However, Lux’s ability to bind enemies with Q – Light Lock has a much shorter cooldown than Ashe’s ultimate, so Lady of Light can set up more and more often than the finals. with Miss Fortune’s ultimate.

League of Legends Top 5 duo of AD carries Most supportive version 10 1 | Esports

In addition, Lux is able to fulfill a slightly better Support role than Ashe thanks to his ability to create shields with W – Prismatic Barrier. In fact, a green Lux Lux also contributes to the team damage as a true mid-wizards. When fighting to steal big targets like Dragon or Baron or when fighting the most, especially in the narrow terrain, the last combo of these two generals is easy to decide the victory or defeat of the whole match.

3. Aphelios & Braum

Despite being enhanced in version 9.24, Braum is still very little used in Solo Q mode when the Drag Support meta is playing its dominant role. However, when combined with the proper AD carries, which here is Aphelios, he can still contribute a lot to his traveling partner.

League of Legends Top 5 duo of AD carries Most supportive version 10 1 | Esports

The weakness of the early game of Aphelios was overcome and improved significantly thanks to Braum’s excellent cover. In addition, his secondary weapon Severum also helps Braum’s internal passive faster than anyone. This makes them extremely dangerous in the first few minutes of the game, when the opponent on the road is not ready to take precautions nor have the necessary skills and tools to deal. If they take advantage of this, they can quickly snowball to take over the whole lane and then the whole game easily.

4. Senna & Nami

Senna continues to show dominance in her gunner role, despite the recent strength reductions she has received. The win rate is up to 52.16% while the selection rate is also high (8.28%) making you definitely do not want to miss her whenever you have the opportunity to use. In addition, Nami It is also a rare buff type that can compete with the current champions.

League of Legends Top 5 duo of AD carries Most supportive version 10 1 | Esports

The buffs that Nami received in version 10.1 allowed her E to now power up all of her teammates’ abilities, instead of just the same blows. This means that Senna’s Q will deal additional damage, and is capable of slowing down once Nami buffs E. In addition to the extremely annoying poke ability of both these generals, the Senna & Nami duo also has a very good pillar thanks to their ability to heal each other, allowing them to stay on the road longer than their opponents, synonymous with More gold and more experience.

5. Draven & Nami

Draven and Nami have long been a favorite combination of many people, and with the buffs that Nami just received, there’s no reason that the duo won’t return in the bot lane. With Nami’s E, Draven now gives the entire team the ability to slow down on a large scale with his ultimate R – Tornado Death.

League of Legends Top 5 duo of AD carries Most supportive version 10 1 | Esports

During the road phase, Draven’s high damage combined with Nami’s extremely uncomfortable poke structure makes the enemy always in low health and is easy to lie down if he carelessly goes one step wrong. Draven’s E can set the stage for Nami’s Q phases to be easier to hit, while Nami’s E increases the damage and slowdown for Draven’s next attacks and skills. The long range range of both ultimates makes them safe in teamfights, while at the same time making sure that the enemy always takes their place when facing them.

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