League of Legends: Top 5 AD-SP duo strongest in bot lane in 10.2

Version 10.2 was officially released, with the focus on adjusting the power of quite a lot of AD carries and supports. This means that there will be some new combinations emerging in the bot lane meta, helping you prioritize controlling Dragon in the first half of the match and carry teams from mid to late game.

1. Miss Fortune and Leona

Miss Fortune there has been a spectacular comeback in both professional play and Solo Q after a long lackluster period. The pressure she created during the laning phase combined with the potential for all-in when traveling with Leona made their opponents very difficult and unable to leave the road to affect other areas of the village. thing.

However, this is not Miss Fortune’s Lethality of last season. Starting with the Scythe of the Soul and going on to the Infinity Edge is a way to maximize her damage potential early and set the end of the game well. The duo Miss Fortune and Leona are classic combinations that help players win the road and snowball quickly.

2. Aphelios and Braum

In spite of Aphelios continue to lose strength in version 10.2 but that only makes him no longer too superior to the other Gunners. This means that he is still a viable option in the future, especially with modern tactics that most players still have trouble dealing with.

League of Legends Top 5 AD SP duo strongest in bot lane in 10 2 | Esports

The weakest part of Aphelios’s skill set is his ability to move, making him a highly targetable target. This weakness can be overcome and significantly improved when accompanied by a good cover support like Braum. Braum’s Ultimate Resilience (E) and Ice (R) can help Aphelios easily pass the early laning phase. You can also replace Braum with Tahm Kench and still achieve the same effect, but inferior in terms of team fights.

3. Varus and Braum

As you can see, Braum is an incredibly powerful Support champion in patch 10.2. This champion can work well with most of the outstanding ADs in the meta thanks to his good cover and potential for teamfights. When traveling with Varus – the famous AD carry with his attack speed and crowd control ability – this combination gives you a powerful bot lane with the potential to finish after level 6.

League of Legends Top 5 AD SP duo strongest in bot lane in 10 2 | Esports

Varus and Braum are also good options when facing Aphelios & Leona or Miss Fortune & Leona. Braum’s Ultimate Resilience (E) can block Miss Fortune’s Bullet (R) while his Fiend’s passive can also quickly stack to stun an enemy Leona or Nautilus too bloody.

4. Senna and Tahm Kench

Senna was originally designed by Riot to be the first Supporting AD Carry in League of Legends, but in reality, she completed the role of Gunner better than many of her peers. The ability to gain strength with Passive passive allows Senna to increase range, AD, and Crit Rate without buying equipment. This ability to stack up range can lead to some pretty frustrating experiences for the opposing team when the end of the game she can destroy turrets beyond the range of the turret’s firing.

League of Legends Top 5 AD SP duo strongest in bot lane in 10 2 | Esports

Adding Tahm Kench to the bot lane helps keep Senna safe at every stage of the match and can play aggressively as much as possible. The synergy between Senna’s Transcendent Darkness (Q) and Darkness of Darkness (R) also helps Tahm Kench survive his efforts to save his other teammates in teamfights around big targets.

5. Miss Fortune and Nautilus

Miss Fortune and Nautilus created one of the strongest bot lanes in patch 10.1 and the same thing was reissued in version 10.2. The only reason why the duo is not rated higher on this list is due to the nerf that Nautilus has to receive in relation to his Q damage.

League of Legends Top 5 AD SP duo strongest in bot lane in 10 2 | Esports

However, after reaching level 6, Nautilus still provides the ability to open extremely powerful teamfight with his nearly endless chain of control. The duo may be a bit inferior when compared to Aphelios & Braum or Varus & Braum but this is still a viable option to climb the rank in the near future.

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