League of Legends: The strongest support combined with the Taliyah movement … The AD Carry is stirring the island of Challenge First

While the botlane position is mostly dominated by ADCs at servers around the world, Korean Challenges have recently emerged a very strange name. Taliyah bottom line. Although a lot of people think of this option as a joke, Korean Challenger players use Taliyah in the bottom lane in a very magical way. Here are some of the strong supports as well as the best match for Taliyah:


The reason that Thresh becoming the most suitable support for Taliyah is because Thresh has everything Taliyah needs.

At the laning phase, Taliyah has a faster pushing speed than most ADCs in the current meta. With only 1-2 times Phi Thach (Q), Taliyah can wipe out a herd of soldiers, if skillful, she can also poke the enemy. Thresh’s job at that time was to wait for the Death Sentences (Q) combined with the Whirlwind (E) to take the opponent directly into the Taliyah’s Seismic Throw (W) + Unstable Tapestry (E) combo. With just that combo, this couple can take their first feat easily. Moreover, the ability to fly and dodge skills was what Taliyah needed, so Thresh was able to bring Taliyah home safely using the Dark Path (W).

At level 6, the duo’s combo can increase damage with Thresh’s Boxed ultimate, and even increase the ability of the combo to succeed by closing the corner with Taliyah’s Ground-Wave Ultimate. In the teamfights, Taliyah can also close the corner to split the enemy team, knocking down isolated targets easily.


League of Legends The strongest support combined with the Taliyah movement The AD Carry is stirring the island of Challenge First | Esports

This Deep Sea Giant is just as effective as Thresh, though the gameplay is a bit more “cumbersome”.

At the road stage, Nautilus can also lurking and launch the Neo Launch (Q) pull the opponent like Thresh. Combining hard crowd control with basic attacks also makes Taliyah’s WEQ combo easier to hit. At level 6, it is enough to use the Talent Charge (R), the target is nearly impossible to evade the remaining skills of Taliyah and Nautilus.

However, Nautilus has absolutely no skills to help Taliyah escape in dangerous situations. This makes Taliyah “self-destruct” in ganking situations, which is far more disadvantageous than Thresh.


League of Legends The strongest support combined with the Taliyah movement The AD Carry is stirring the island of Challenge First | Esports

Compared to the above 2 supports, Maokai is a more reliable general in controlling the opponent to help Taliyah to deal damage.

It can be said that Maokai is one of the extremely weak support champions in the current meta, but when combined with Taliyah, it brings a surprising effect.

At the beginning of the road, Maokai’s Throwing Shoots (E) was enough to make the enemy stay away from the bushes, helping himself and Taliyah to capture the dust and “hide and disappear” in the dust to structure the opponent’s blood. Maokai’s strength is that when he reaches level 3, both have 3 skills, Maokai can use the Deformity Variant (W) to lock the opponent’s foot – a skill that selects the target as an opponent that can’t avoid or Where to run? Then Taliyah just did the rest – putting damage and taking down opponents.

In the later stages of the match, Maokai still had the decisive effects of the game such as opening a fight with the ultimate Power of Nature, checking the grass with young shoots, holding and pushing opponents. approaching his mainstay.

A few basic combos between Taliyah and Thresh, Nautilus

Because of the conditions of Taliyah support, it is hard control, resilience and ability to pull (push or pull opponents into the Unstable Tapestry). So these 3 generals are the most suitable to accompany Taliyah, so strong that it rained in the rank of Great Master + Challenges in Korea recently. Despite being so strong, this strategy required a certain amount of agreement from two players, so having a familiar teammate and understanding what he meant was the best.

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