League of Legends: The risk of Wuhan outbreak, LPL is about to be postponed to … April?

Within just 72 hours, the outbreak of the pandemic Corona flu has claimed the lives of dozens of patients in China and some neighboring countries. Concerned about the spread of this dangerous virus, the Chinese government decided to isolate the entire area identified as a disease outbreak. Wuhan.

Recently, China’s General Administration of Sports has also proposed a proposal to the government of China to suspend all national sports activities from now until April, as a move to stop the spread. disease to neighboring areas.

If this proposal is made, then most likely esports tournament LPL Spring 2020 will also be on hold, as this is an activity licensed by the General Administration of Sports of China. As originally planned, LPL Spring 2020 will officially compete again from February 5, after the end of the Lunar New Year holiday. However, given the current situation, it is very likely that the tournament must take a break of up to 2 months.

League of Legends The risk of Wuhan outbreak LPL is about to be postponed to April | Esports

In the case of the forced LPL Spring 2020 schedule, the schedule of Chinese League teams will be greatly affected, because in this May, the MSI 2020 tournament will start, and currently There has been no unified solution yet. Although quite worried about the schedule being affected, most of the fans of the Chinese League will show their approval and approval if the LPL is postponed, because the health and safety of the people will still be Top priority at this stage.

On social networking sites, Chinese League of Legends players also expressed concern about the outbreak of the disease, constantly updating their health and asking fans to protect themselves with measures. isolation such as wearing a mask when going out or avoiding crowded places.

League of Legends The risk of Wuhan outbreak LPL is about to be postponed to April | Esports

IG Ning posted on Weibo with the content: “Come on Wuhan, everyone on the street remember to wear a mask”, in response to the Corona flu prevention movement. Photo: iG – Invictus Gaming Vietnam Fanpage

Currently, the cities of Wuhan and Huanggang in Hubei Province – China with a total of nearly 20 million people have been isolated, completely isolated to prevent the risk of disease outbreaks. Hubei region is also home to many professional League of Legends players currently playing in the LPL.

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