League of Legends: The OPL is dissolved by Riot Games and ‘merged’ into the LCS in 2021

As per the word announcement Riot Games, Oceanic Pro League (OPL) will be disbanded as of season 2021. Riot Games shared that the OPL tournament did not reach its original goal, and the current market does not allow Riot Games to continue to support as well as host this tournament. In addition, Riot Games’ office in Sydney was closed as it primarily serves the organization of OPL tournaments.

Regarding the fate of professional gamers at the OPL, they will be transferred by Riot Games support LCS play (in case they have contracts with the LCS teams), and their slot will not be counted as foreign. Riot Games hopes this opens up a new opportunity for both old OPL players and LCS teams. However, many professional gamers at OPL are quite disappointed because they can hardly compete in the LCS because of Visa problem, especially in the current COVID-19 epidemic, at least until May 2021. Then they can reconsider going to the LCS to play.

As for the Oceania region, although there is no OPL tournament, they will still be entitled to Riot Games to attend MSI and CKTG 2021, the qualifying round to qualify for those two tournaments will be held separately by Riot.

League of Legends The OPL is dissolved by Riot Games and merged into the LCS in 2021 | Esports

As for the LCS tournament, many fans believe that this will help North America grow more or less because it can use the talent in the OPL without spending foreigner slots. Especially in the situation where North America is disappointing at Worlds 2020 with a total of 2-7 results from all 3 representatives.

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