League of Legends: The most unforgettable moments in the history of Worlds

In League of Legends then Worlds Always the most prestigious tournament that any team wants to play, shine and win the championship. Therefore, every year CKTG always has memorable images in the hearts of fans around the world. However, because it is a big tournament, CKTG also has no shortage of unforgettable images in history.

Here are the most memorable moments at Worlds over the years:

Fans burned up to 125,000 dollars in tickets out of anger

In 2017, Worlds was held in China, so the LPL home teams were cheered with enthusiasm. And in the semifinal there were only 2 pairs left: SKT T1 vs Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy vs Team WE – The two matches were both between the home team and the LCK region from Korea, so the chance to reach the final of the home teams was extremely high. However, after both matches ended, Chinese LoL fans were extremely disappointed and (a few) indignant because LPL’s defeat against LCK at that time. Many people even tore up the final ticket that they bought before. The culmination of this anger is that a Chinese fan used $ 125,000 to buy VIP tickets just to … burn, the purpose is not to show anyone the final without the Chinese home team.

It can be said that this is an extremely negative action in any sport, not just Esports, which annoyed League fans around the world at that time.

Contempt the enemy then lose in surprise

League of Legends The most unforgettable moments in the history of Worlds | Esports

To the League of Legends community, Uzi must be an unfamiliar name, many people feel sad for Uzi because the title “second king” has been hanging on for many years. However, many people see Uzi as an arrogant player or, more accurately, a disdain for the enemy.

RNG mlxg clapped his hands on his chest and sighed in relief when he learned that his opponent was G2 Esports

Not only Uzi, but the whole team of RNG laughed when they saw the draw results

Typically, when drawing at Worlds 2018, Uzi and his teammates laughed when they saw G2 Esports as the team that would meet Royal Never Give Up in the quarterfinals. Western fans at that time were quite “hot eyes” at their act of disregarding their representatives so much. And the results were ironic for Royal Never Give Up as well as Uzi when this team was beaten 3-2 by the G2 Esports “circus”, surprising the whole world that year. This is one of the clearest evidence of the consequences of subjective disdain at Worlds.

The “most crushed” player in Worlds history

League of Legends The most unforgettable moments in the history of Worlds | Esports

In 2014, KaBuM! e-Sports (Brazil) fell into the death list at Worlds with two too dangerous names at that time, NaJin White Shields (3rd seed in Korea) and Cloud9 (while stars like Hai, Balls, Sneaky, …). As a result, the team’s top laner has fed a record number of Worlds of 0/16/2 after three first leg matches. Although it is true that the level is completely different, but this guy is pretty much blamed for having almost nothing to do for the team, coming to Worlds without learning about the opponent to at least not draw lane. lose as little as possible.

Boring matches over and over

League of Legends The most unforgettable moments in the history of Worlds | Esports

In the history of League of Legends at Worlds, it’s quite common for the teams that are rated from strongest to weak to stick with the meta. However, this also makes Worlds matches boring because everything keeps repeating. For example, the meta is Ardent Censer – the moment when every support goes straight to this item first, then only wait for the gunner to farm enough to start fighting. This turns the games that were supposed to be the best of the year into those that make viewers extremely sleepy.

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