League of Legends: The most effective assistants to help Dai Ca Sett punch opponents ‘without skipping’

In League of Legends In addition to the players who work well together, there are many generals duo who promote the huge power when used together. For example, a few duo like Malphite and Yasuo, Master Yi and Taric, Xayah and Rakan, … Even the general is Sett has just been around for a while, but the community has also found a lot of super effective combination champions with Sett.

The following is a list of the most effective assistants of Sett:


As one of the most unique support champions of League of Legends, Yuumi has all the things Sett needs.

In the road phase Yuumi Did not support Sett much because he had to go with the gunner in the bottom lane. However, when it comes to the mid and late game, the Yuumi + Sett duo will promote a lot stronger strength.

With the Non-Slip Skill (Q), Sett can punch at% of the target’s maximum health every 3 seconds (with 40% cooldown reduction), so Sett needs to be able to restrain the enemy to punch. Yuumi can guarantee that with her ability to slow down from the Poetry Arrow (Q).

As for Ruling Beasts (W), to create a shield, Sett needs to have multiple Corneal Points by accumulating damage on himself. Yuumi will heal and create armor to prevent Sett from lying down suddenly without taking action.

Lastly, the Destroyer Arena + Two Animal Attacks – which helps Sett hug an enemy champion towards the enemy team, then pull them together to deal damage with W. This combo will be much more scary if there is both Yuumi’s Last Chapter ult and the damage coming from the Poetry Arrow (Q).


League of Legends The most effective assistants to help Dai Ca Sett punch opponents without skipping | Esports

Cassiopeia can turn Sett’s target into prey that no one wants to save

At the laning phase, Cassiopeia can gank extremely easily for Sett. The main reason is that the miasma (W) and Cassiopeia’s bog effect can prevent the enemy from retreating, allowing Sett to deal damage and defeat the enemy.

As for the middle and the end of the match, Cassiopeia will be a card to ensure the goal that Sett “holds” to run away. Because when Teleport settles his head, he uses his ult to pull the opponent’s main force to his team, Sett’s landing zone and prey will be the miasma area (W) with Cassiopeia’s bog effect. Especially, when the enemy tries to struggle, it will be pulled back by Sett with the Twin Beasts. For the enemies trying to save Sett’s prey, Cassiopeia will have a great petrified kick to end the fight to wipe out all.


League of Legends The most effective assistants to help Dai Ca Sett punch opponents without skipping | Esports

With only Orianna’s support, Sett can create a great wombo combo

At the beginning of the match, Orianna couldn’t help Sett so much. But by the end of the road phase, the power of the duo will become more horror than ever. Because when Sett reaches full damage, what needs Sett is a layer of armor for him to be punched without having to worry about lying down at any time. Orianna’s Protection: (E) is that talisman of Sett.

Finally, Sett’s R + E combo will be the one that brings enemies closer together, creating a favorable situation for Orianna’s ultimate Command: Sound Wave. If the plan is perfect, this will be a wombo combo that swirls 5 members of the enemy team, putting all the enemies on the board immediately.


League of Legends The most effective assistants to help Dai Ca Sett punch opponents without skipping | Esports

Ekko will be the “third summoner spell” with Sett’s powerful stun

At the start of the match, Ekko can go to the jungle easily ganks in the top lane because Sett has the ability to pull opponents into Ekko’s Boundary Boundary (W) area.

At the next stage, the combo whether it is 5 or 1 member, both can combine smoothly and choose Sett’s ult landing at W of Ekko. Even if it’s not accurate, Sett can pull the enemy back so Ekko has a stunning stun. At this point, both of them can freely unleash their full skills without worrying about where the enemy is going. However, in order to use this combo smoothly, both Sett and Ekko have to calculate the standard time to use their skills.

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