League of Legends: The most disappointing results of the ‘big guys’ at the recent Worlds

At the period WorldsMany teams have a huge expectation from the area they represent, but the performance is not always as great as expected, so many teams have disappointed fans. Here are some of the things that have disappointed fans most at Worlds in recent years:

Team SoloMid (TSM) with a result of 0-6 in the group stage CKTG 2020

Phase “lull all 9 players” and press TSM Spica’s Hourglass

In recent years, Team SoloMid has been absent from Worlds because of a very low performance, until this year Doublelift returned and brought this team to the North American championship as well as won 1 ticket to Worlds 2020. North American fans had hoped this would be Team SoloMid’s “return and a thousand times benefit”, but the result was like a “hit” directly to the fans of this area. Because the disappointment of the previous times, this team has never lost so strongly at Worlds.

SK Telecom T1 (SKT) lost to G2 Esports in the 2019 CKTG semi-finals

League of Legends The most disappointing results of the big guys at the recent Worlds | Esports

In 2019, the lineup of SKT Except for rookie Effort, all the rest of the members are stars in the LCK. Even the form of SKT is not low because just won the 2019 LCK Summer Championship, “the god of the jungle” Clid also has 3 MVPs at Worlds. This lineup is hoping to rebuild the “empire of SKT” in a glorious year by fans. However, SKT still lost 3-1 to Europe’s No. 1 seed, G2 Esports.

Fnatic (FNC) lost white in the 2018 Worlds final

CKTG 2018, many people think that FNC’s return to the finals of the Worlds after nearly 10 years of absence is a very proud thing. Even their journey completely overwhelmed other teams with the results. So Fnatic is expected to be crowned champion in 2018 or at least offer a satisfying final for viewers. But contrary to that expectation, FNC lost 3-0 in the final against Invictus Gaming (IG), which was the destruction of IG against FNC.

League of Legends The most disappointing results of the big guys at the recent Worlds | Esports

What disappointed the fans the most was that FNC had completely lost to their “defeated general”, because in the group stage of 2018, FNC defeated IG with a score of 2-1 (first leg, second leg and tie-breaker) to capture. Top position 1 in Group D.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) in the 2018 Worlds quarter-finals

League of Legends The most disappointing results of the big guys at the recent Worlds | Esports

Also in 2018, RNG had an unforgettable result in the international arena. Because in 2018, RNG is expected to make “a perfect 4” – winning every tournament they attend from LPL Spring, MSI 2018, LPL Summer and finally CKTG 2018. Even On the day of drawing the pairs in the quarterfinals, RNG laughed when he saw his opponent G2 Esports.

RNG looks down on opponents and then receives a bitter ending

Many Chinese fans also ironic that G2 Esports will reach the quarterfinals because this “circus” table has no LPL representative. But as a result, RNG was beaten by G2 Esports with the score 3-2.

As can be seen in the list above there are full representatives of the major regions in League of Legends, because they are all “big players in big regions”, so the fans expect the most and then receive great disappointment. Best.

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