League of Legends – The majority of the gaming community agree that: Yes … cursing each other for new skills

For those who have played the game for a long time, you will realize “blame” is one of the familiar words of any kind of game. In meaning, this word “blame” means blaming someone or criticizing someone for a serious or minor mistake.

To this day, many people in the community League of Legends The West says, “If we don’t blame each other, players will never play better.” The following is a share about that:

In any case, blaming someone for doing something bad won’t magically help them play better immediately. But in fact, criticizing them will not make them play worse.

Everyone felt depressed when Blitzcrank your slide, the jungler died of the jungle, but if you say anything positive, it will not help those players play better. Instead, don’t give any advice because any tips, tricks or advice will not help, they will forget the next day. In 90% of cases it just makes the player play worse. Players at every rank understand sliding skills oriented, being defeated, farm sliding soldiers, … is a bad thing. Especially in the ranking mode, if they can be criticized immediately, the criticized player will also be much better than before.

League of Legends The majority of the gaming community agree that Yes cursing each other for new skills | Esports

Bjergsen is one who thinks that “blame” each other is making progress

In fact, Bjergsen also shared that after each match, whether winning or losing, Team SoloMid also criticized each other right after the game, the purpose of this is to let the team understand who made mistakes and need to correct. how to play better in the next matches.

On the contrary, there are also those who argue that this depends on the character of the players, some like to be gently instructed in the game, some people have to “blame” in order to make progress. In particular, “blame” each other for this progress makes the community become “toxic” a lot more, so if possible, each player should limit blame to others as much as possible.

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