League of Legends: The heroes are very strong early in the game, but the weaker the game is

Most community players League of Legends All want to use champions that have good power, for example, not too weak at the beginning and the end of the game is extremely strong. However, there are still a number of champions who reach their enormous strength right from the start of the match, playing on the opponent completely thanks to its simple yet strong quality. But do not mistake the late game with little choice, many strong generals who reach the end-of-game strength still need strong early champions to “lead” at the beginning. The following is a list of extremely strong champions at the beginning of the game that gradually decrease in strength over time:


In the role of jungle, Elise is one of the most powerful heroes in the early game

In the early game, Elise was a jungler with the best strength in League, no matter what factor. Speaking of the ability to clear the forest, Elise clears the forest easily with a skill set of both health and normal stats. Forest farms do not spend much blood when there are small spiders as well as their ability to suck blood.

When ganking, Elise can approach opponents very easily with her Swing (E) skill. Especially, there is a Cocoon (E) in human form that can stun opponents at long range. It can be said whether ganking or farming, at the beginning of the match Elise is also the top champion of League of Legends. Even in the middle of the game, Elise was even more scary when she got on Liandry’s Mask and Morello’s Devil – 2 items to help Elise not be fed any prey no matter how much or less health.

However, at the end of the game, Elise’s strength dropped sharply when her strength suddenly became inferior to other generals. The fact is that Elise at the end of the game whether it’s full damage or full resistance is … not right. By the end of the game, this general is reduced because the damage is not enough to put the damage to kill anyone, to resist and it is not enough to sustain bullets for long. So in the late game, Elise became weaker than most of the champions in League.

Lee Sin

League of Legends The heroes are very strong early in the game but the weaker the game is | Esports

Lee Sin is one of the few generals with a playful but also extremely effective

Lee Sin in the early game is one of the most powerful champions in League. When jungling, Lee Sin has both the skill set to deal damage as a percentage of single target health and skill to deal large area damage, no matter which farm farm is easy. When ganking, with his Q + Q + E + E combo, Lee Sin can approach and slow down the opponent simply. You can even swing into the Eye with the Guardian (W) first and slow down … carefully and then release Sound Wave + Amorphous Charge.

In the middle of the game, Lee Sin also became more feared with his combo of damage thanks to his ultimate Dragon of Charge. Even without taking damage, Insecs are extremely effective to help win closer to Lee Sin.

However, at the end of the match, Lee Sin’s skill set gradually became weaker, when the vision became too clear, the Insec shots were extremely difficult. Even damage is gradually becoming useless against tanky champions as well as mid-health champions (2000 to 3000 health). At this point, Lee Sin, whether it is full damage or resisting, is very difficult to keep up with the strength of other generals.


League of Legends The heroes are very strong early in the game but the weaker the game is | Esports

As a bloodthirsty gunner, there are times when Draven cannot “eat” anyone

In the early game, Draven easily overrides other gunner champions when his Ax (Q) can deal a huge amount of damage even without any equipment. Especially with the skill of Blood Impulse (W), Draven can outperform the attack speed with most League of Legends gunners. In the mid game, this champion can also overwhelm the opponent thanks to the outrageous equipment from the Draven Alliance interior.

But at the end of the game, Draven easily fell behind by his threshold of strength. Even the passive also betrays Draven when it contributes nothing in combat if Draven is full. It can be said that at the end of the game, Draven lost a skill in the game. Draven is also a gunner with up to 2 directional skills (E) and (R), so if someone is approached by someone, because he simply does not have the ability to fly or protect himself, this Executioner is very You can lie down and do nothing.

League of Legends The heroes are very strong early in the game but the weaker the game is | Esports

Above are the heroes with early game power in the form of horror, but the game suddenly becomes much weaker. Of course, only in matches as well as opponents with skills similar to yours, but if the skill is superior to the opponent, the quality of the champion sometimes does not say anything. However, you can still use these champions to support your teammates as well as those who have slow strength thresholds like Ryze, Kayle, Tristana, … helping the squad to be balanced in both the beginning and the end. the match.

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