League of Legends: The gunner is outside the meta but still strong enough to ‘not bother anyone’

Since the beginning of the pre-season, the prominent names in the gunner position are Miss Fortune, Kai’Sa, Lucian, Ezreal, Aphelios, … selected with towering ratios from 10% to 30%. Only those numbers are enough to speak about the power and influence of the top meta players. However, outside of the meta and very few people choose to still have the gunner possessing power no less than anyone. The following is a list of those gunner champions:


As a gunner whose range increases with level, Tristana is a champion who reaches the maximum power level at level 18

Tristana is only one of the few shooters who can increase strength at a terrifying speed, owning only 1.59% of the current selection rate.

In terms of laning phase, most Tristana players will try to take advantage of the time when the opponent returns to break as many armor layers as possible with their Gunpowder (E) + Lien Thanh (Q) combo . In particular, Rocket Jump (W) also helps Tristana safely retreat or chase enemies.

In the later stages of the match, when Tristana reached a high level with long range, plus a tremendous speed of damage, this Yordle Gunner can completely hold his position and shatter the enemy team. Gladiators who want to reach Tristana are also quite difficult because the Reversal Cannon’s ultimate can push an opponent to … 1000 units of distance.


League of Legends The gunner is outside the meta but still strong enough to not bother anyone | Esports

To have the amount of equipment outperformed the opponent Draven Need to get the amount of gold from the intrinsic point

This Executioner is one of the gunners with the most damage in League of Legends at the beginning of the match, but for many reasons, he only owns 2.38% of the rate.

Taking advantage of the immense amount of damage from the Spinning Ax (Q), Draven can profile blood or exchange blood from draw to win easily on the road. It is important to hit and tremble the ax smoothly so that there is no shortage of damage. The important thing for Draven players is … there must be a kill to convert Draven Alliance’s internal stacks into gold, which will give Draven more equipment than his opponent.

As for the later stages of the match, with his outstanding damage plus the attack speed coming from Blood Impulse (W), Draven’s ability to deal damage over time is terrible. Whether it is a fight or a big target, Draven is not afraid. In addition, with Dra Ra (E), Draven can prevent a lot of access skills of gladiators or assassins, greatly increasing the ability to survive and pay damage in combat.


League of Legends The gunner is outside the meta but still strong enough to not bother anyone | Esports

Play of Sivir It’s a bit … boring so even though it’s strong, it’s not chosen much

A safe, easy-to-win champion, Sivir only gets … 2.45% of the current meta pick.

Like the mid lane, Orianna is a strong play champion, in the position of gunner Sivir is a champion with the ability to play extremely safe without fear of losing or losing soldiers. At the laning stage, only the combo Boomerang Sword (Q) and Bounce (W) are enough to help Sivir clean up the soldiers and crush the opponent’s towers. If ganked, there is also a Magic Shield (E) to prevent hard and back crowd control, at the very least, turn on the last move to accelerate the retreat.

In the mid and late game, Sivir’s ability to control fights is also in the crisis. The reason is that the Bouncing (W) can deal critical damage to the entire enemy team, activating the Hunt will also help fight and catch oddly effectively.

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