League of Legends: The factors that are making fans ‘heart attack’ at the most major tournaments in the world

For the long-running tournament of League of Legends Which is to say, a consistent level of performance is what a lot of professional gamers need. So when the performance is unstable, these individuals and teams also make fans extremely “heart attack” because they can win or lose at any time.

While tournaments are still in the group stage, mistakes are acceptable, but if you maintain such an unstable performance in knockout meetings, sometimes teams or individuals. The following are likely to be billed for a tournament:

LCK – T1

Not just anyone in T1 T1’s entire squad is in a relatively unstable form in the Summer Split LCK Summer Split. Even the team itself admits that some “spiritual element” as well as some “curse” in the summer. Always something very difficult for T1 to overcome. Even when competing against the bottom team of the LCK rankings, Hanwha Life Esports, T1 also spent a lot of effort in 3 games, even losing to the new team that participated in the LCK, Team Dynamics.

Fans are eager that T1 will regain their form to enter the playoffs with a better playing mentality, because T1’s specialty is also bo5 matches in the playoffs.

LPL – TES Knight

League of Legends The factors that are making fans heart attack at the most major tournaments in the world | Esports

Despite being considered as one of the strongest teams in the world, Top Esports mid laners still make fans very worried. The reason is that Knight is overconfident, maybe trying to assert that the power of Top Esports is different from the rest of the tournament. So, every match Knight tried to go to the Book of Mejai Soul to accumulate points with kills. Because of that equipment, the knight’s strength increased and dropped with just one lie down, making it hard for fans to calm down while watching him play.

At least for now, Knight is still a bit of an exception to the other names on this list, as his bold and risky play still gives TES the top spot, though However, this also opens the way for their opponents to plan to counter the players who are rated as 50% of the strength of the MSC Champion.

LEC – G2 Esports

League of Legends The factors that are making fans heart attack at the most major tournaments in the world | Esports

Because of family matters, G2 Perkz’s form has been affected quite a lot, but the rest of the team has also been underperforming in recent weeks. If you continue to play with this performance, just one step down in the rankings, G2 Esports will always lose the chance to reach the playoffs, the opportunity to go to Worlds is still but it is not easy with the current performance. at the G2 players.

VCS – EVS Zeros

League of Legends The factors that are making fans heart attack at the most major tournaments in the world | Esports

It can be said that “Demon Lord 2k” is one of the most unstable factors in VCS, because this guy is someone who can win unbelievable highlights, but can also lose by very … difficult situations. understand.

Zeros’ solo 1v1 defeat in the 14th minute of the game surprised the audience

EVOS has enough potential to compete for the VCS championship, but what makes them lag behind compared to FL or GAM is because of their instability. Zeros accidentally become the most typical example. So if EVOS Esports and Zeros could not play better in the remaining weeks of VCS, the opportunity to come to Worlds is very difficult.

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