League of Legends: The assassin on the tank still assassinates the opponent, Riot’s ‘300 years’ product is here

There is a truth that the Assassins’ generals League of Legends More and more tools to survive instead of just possessing the “all-in” ability on the opponent as before. Previously, these champions still had to damage items to ensure influence in fighting, but with the appearance of the 2021 Preseason, this is no longer too true.

The Shield of the Pacific makes Assassins very difficult to defeat

Specifically, at the present time, a lot of Assassins like Katarina, Fizz, Rengar have switched to buying the first Pacific Shield, the tank item, instead of the damage item. Even this trend is also applied to the Gladiator generals such as Tryndamere, Sett, Irelia …. So what makes the Shield of the Sun so “faulty”?

League of Legends The assassin on the tank still assassinates the opponent Riot s 300 years product is here | GameK

Faker must also go to the Shield of the Ocean for Irelia

First, the Shield of the Ocean itself provides your champion with comprehensive stats ranging from armor, magic resist, health to skill restore points. This item helps the champion to use the Sun Shield become extremely tough, withstand all kinds of damage and last a long time in combat. This has caused Assassin’s weak point of health to be completely overcome, but with this class, the longer it lasts, the greater the damage.

Furthermore, the Pacific Shield’s damage passive is one of the most “absurd” things right now when the damage is interacting with the hero’s health. Remember that every champion in League of Legends increases health as you level up, so the higher the level, the more damage this item provides. Not to mention the fact that the Sun Shield itself has also increased a lot of health.

League of Legends The assassin on the tank still assassinates the opponent Riot s 300 years product is here | GameK

Even this damage increases based on the duration of the combat duration, which is provided by the Pacific Shield’s base stats. Combined with the inherent mobility of Assassins, the sun’s shield stacking effect will be activated continuously and inflict massive damage. So with just 1 item, even without providing AD or AP, the Assassin has already done too much damage.

When dealing with physical gladiators, people tend to build armor, but it doesn’t make any sense to the Sun Shield because this item deals magic damage. When used by the Magic Assassin, the amount of damage from the Sun Shield will compensate for the item not providing AP. It will help the player to snowball extremely quickly, ensuring the amount of damage at all times for the Assassins.

League of Legends The assassin on the tank still assassinates the opponent Riot s 300 years product is here | GameK

Fizz Top lane with Endless Power and Shield of the Sun is acting too faulty

It’s a pretty funny fact that Riot Games also realizes that Shield of the Ocean is too strong and is used in many other character classes that are not Resist. The way they nerfed it, however, was to nerf the item’s health instead of hitting the damage ability. This has no meaning at all and the Assassin abuse of the Sun Shield continues.

In short, just by owning the Shield of the Pacific, gamers have a perfect tool to be able to both fight well, farm quickly and have outstanding experience. If you are looking for a gameplay that is both unique, interesting but still effective, apply the Shield of the Pacific for champions like Katarina, Fizz, Rengar, Tryndamere, Set … is the best solution.

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