League of Legends: Riot Games plans a strong top buff, while reducing the power of ganking of the forest

Today, Riot Scruffy shared his plans Riot Games want to do in the near future. In which, the 2 positions will change the most upstream and go to the forest.

Influence of the top line

The current goal of Riot Games is to increase the influence of the top lane (the ability to carry the team) at higher ranks, including a few main plans such as:

• Assemble the team with equipment: Riot Games is looking to change some essential equipment on the top such as Black Ax, Cloak of Flame, Ax Mang Xa so that the gladiators and champions withstand more strength in the game.

• Strategies with early influence: Compared to other positions, the top lane has a small effect on dragons in the early stages. So Riot Games will buff a little to allow additional Teleport or make Rift Herald more valuable than the Dragon.

• Turning advantages into victories: Riot Games wants the advantages of the top lane to be realized into gold, so Riot wants to update something like increasing the strength of melee champions to the armor.

Satisfaction of the person go to the forest and personal strength

League of Legends Riot Games plans a strong top buff while reducing the power of ganking of the forest | Esports

The current goal of Riot Games is to increase the satisfaction of the junglers but not to increase the early game control. Here are a few key plans:

Decrease ganking power: reduce the value of ganks. This is exactly the opposite of making the jungler more satisfied, but the goal is to give the jungler more power, not let them give their teammates strength through ganks.

• Introducing a few new “treasures” in the game every time you revive after being defeated early.

• Slightly reduces experience for kill points with many contributors.

• Slightly increase the experience for solo kill kills.

Increase experience when farming

• Because of reduced power when ganking, junglers will gain more experience from jungle monsters.

Another small change in rank mode will be the number of Autofill (players choose every position or pushed to another position of their choice) in both teams will be equal. This makes the 2 teams more balanced now.

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