League of Legends: Riot engrossed in nerf Akali, gamers have ‘forgotten’ about a general who is equally unbalanced.

The fact that Akali is continually taking “goddamn” punches from heaven Riot Games In recent times has made the shine of Diana overshadowed. We are so absorbed in satirizing the father of League of Legends in Akali’s story, forgetting that the general has just been remade – Diana is also showing signs of imbalance.

According to LoLalytics, Diana currently owns an overall win rate of 54.51% on all Riot Games servers, and this number is exactly a big difference from the ideal “win rate”. “of a general. No doubt, Diana is too strong and in danger of getting out of control of the balance team.

Prior to the remake of the skill set, Diana has had a long time of disgrace both in solo queue and professional arena. Her skill set is considered too monotonous, and only suitable for situational solutions when needing to catch an opponent. While his laning ability is too weak, if he is thrown into the jungle position, his blood is too paper …

Overall, Diana was a relatively outdated and outdated general with League of Legends meta. That’s why Riot Games decided to bring some tweaks to her skill set. But again, the game-balancing team of League of Legends did not make players disappointed in maintaining their “stable performance”.

Diana Rework Montage – Combo Delete

They have created a real monster, with only a few adjustments such as swapping the position of the ultimate – New Moon and E – Moon Fu for each other, editing the skill effects of the new ultimate Moon Fu, help Increase the ability to control (attract enemies and slow).

In fact, when talking about the old Diana, we still know that she’s a pretty strong champion in 1vs1 exchange (but her laning ability is extremely weak because she is a near-ranged champion and there are too few options to clear soldiers. ). Passive – Moonlight Sword helps to increase the damage from basic attacks, combined with W – Silver Waterfall brings a large enough virtual armor to help Diana not lose blood in the exchange of skills.

League of Legends Riot engrossed in nerf Akali gamers have forgotten about a general who is equally unbalanced | Esports

Diana almost kept this strength, combined with the remake of E and R techniques that made her a rather all-powerful assassin: improved ability to close, and Diana could “mince”. “entering the opponent from level 3 instead of level 6 as before, while Moonlight has both an annoying control effect and can be used even on the move, so Diana’s ability to mutate is also Strongly increasing.

Overall, Diana’s remake has brought a new standard for mid-range assassins: Yes, there is, there is shock, and there’s even resistance. That is not to mention the extremely diverse entrance (like Diana Lu Huong Bo used to destroy the meta pre-season of 2020), making her a champion too difficult to grasp.

League of Legends Riot engrossed in nerf Akali gamers have forgotten about a general who is equally unbalanced | Esports

And back to the main issue, we have to dedicate “praises” to the team balance generals, because they have created a champion with almost no weaknesses. If this is a story building project, surely League of Legends fans will have admired for the image of an unrivaled champion in the universe of League, but about gameplay is a different story.

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