League of Legends: Haven’t hit CKTG yet, SofM and Knight ‘tortured’ Caps at the Chinese rank

Until today, many teams participated Worlds 2020 was present in China to prepare and practice in this area. Different from the scrim (scrim) kept secret, we can comfortably watch the “blood dry” rank matches among the world’s top stars. And recently, a very interesting confrontation broke out between G2 Caps with TES Knight – # 1 mid laners in their area:

G2 Caps (Lucian) and TES knight (Akali) clash with SofM (Jayce) in the Chinese rank 2020

It was thought that the “LPL monster” was the TES Knight that would carry the team but never, in this match, the “mystery factor” was SofM with Jayce carrying the team with Shaco and Ezreal. Because even though SofM was solo killed at the beginning of the game, he continuously regained the team’s advantage with kills, 1st turrets, CS, … and completely destroy Kled.

This match you can see highlight or full game because there are 66 kills in more than 30 minutes of competition

At the end of the match, Team Caps was completely destroyed by taking only 1 tower of SofM and knight in the whole match. Many fans also joked that this is a “farewell” greeting to the LPL when “preemptive” such opponents.

Because in China professional gamers often play separately in a “super” server, so the number of times meeting in the rank of international stars in the near future will greatly increase. We can expect more interesting matches from impressive names like FNC Rekkles, TSM Bjergsen, DRX Deft, GEN Ruler, … before the Worlds tournament.

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