League of Legends – Fun interview with Faker: ‘I don’t even talk to Speed ​​People with the D button’

During the photo shoot for the 2020 LCK Summer Tournament, Faker had a fun interview when answering with an extremely … “rocky” mood.

Here’s a quick interview in Faker’s few minutes:

How have you been lately?

Faker: After the MSC tournament, I’m preparing for LCK Summer 2020.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Faker: I check the time, then lie down to sleep.

How many funny people do you rank in T1?

Faker: I will give me the top 1.

So who is the top 2?

Faker: Well they’re the same.

The best “chess player” in the CCP?

Faker: If I save my mind to play the CCP, I will be the best.

How is your spirit playing Jump King?

Faker: As long as you want to climb, that’s all you need.

If you want to recommend a recently read book, which one is it?

Faker: I haven’t really read many books recently. But I still want to recommend “Broad and shallow knowledge for intellectual communication”.

If you were to bring an item removed from the game back, what would it be?

Faker: I don’t want to bring anything back.

Is there any equipment in the game you want to have in real life?

Faker: Zhonya Hourglass. After using it, if I take the gold on myself and sell it, I will make a lot of money.

If you were a K-pop idol, what part of the group would you be in charge of?

Faker: Dance? I think if I learn to dance, I will dance well.

League of Legends Fun interview with Faker I don t even talk to Speed People with the D button | Esports

Deft recently said that he doesn’t talk to Speedy people with the F button. What do you think?

Faker: I don’t even want to talk to Speed ​​people with the D button, so this is a win-win situation (for mutual benefits) for us.

After becoming the oldest member of the team, is there any generation gap you encounter?

Faker: My teammates don’t even know the Buzz group (Korean band of the 2000s), and I … The era … sure has changed.

Is there any foreign language you want to be good at?

Faker: English. It is very popular, it is also the official language of many countries, I think it is the most useful.

If you dyed your hair, what color would it be?

Faker: I have quite a lot of gray hair, so I’ll dye it black.

Are there any players you want to tease in single rank?

Faker: It was fun to tease my teammates in T1.

League of Legends Fun interview with Faker I don t even talk to Speed People with the D button | Esports

If you were an employer for the company, what would you ask the candidate?

Faker: Education. If it is tall, I think they will work very well.

Who is the most mature and who is the most immature at T1?

Faker: Effort is the most mature, Cuzz is the opposite.

Popstar Ahri and K / DA Akali?

Faker: Ahri.

Kim Hee-chul or Joy (Red Velvet)?

Faker: Kim Hee-chul.

Join Temple Stay with Effort for 1 day and hear Teddy say “Let’s get it” for 3 hours?

Faker: Effort. 100% is Effort.

Who is the most noisy of the Huni, Wolf, and Teddy?

Faker: Teddy.

Favorite car company?

Faker: BMW.

If you could redo your life, would you still be a pro gamer?

Faker: No. Because I did it once, it won’t be fun.

Do you want to say anything to your fans?

Faker: I was disappointed not to meet my fans in the spring split, so I hope to see them in the summer split. We will do our best for this summer’s tournament, making sure to play better.

Full interview with Faker

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