League of Legends: Faker is honored by the Korean Government, invited by the President’s own media to interview

After participating in a series of television gameshow in the early New Year period, the name Faker once again “occupy the” media in Korea when becoming a character invited to be interviewed by the press agency (Chunchugwan) Blue House – News Korean Presidential Palace.

This is a move that shows that the Korean Government is paying special attention to esports, and that Faker becoming a guest of the Presidential Palace is a natural choice. By mentioning eSports, mentioning Korean pride, people will immediately think of the name Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

In the interview teaser, Faker introduced himself as “Best esports athlete”.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Korean League of Gamers community is starting to form mixed opinions. Faker’s constant appearance in the media is raising concerns about it T1 following the trend of “too PR”.

Since the name change and the management of Western bosses, Faker’s image seems to be fully exploited. Many fans also worry that he doesn’t even have time to rest. Instead of practicing and relaxing during the pre-season, Faker constantly had to take part in TV game shows, as well as interview from the media.

League of Legends Faker is honored by the Korean Government invited by the President s own media to interview | Esports

This will probably bring pride to those who love him, but there is also the risk of negative effects, when this player is even “running the show” literally and has no rest time. Taking a break to prepare for the Spring 2020 LCK.

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