League of Legends: Faker continues to ‘expensive show’, becoming a guest of Korea Central Television in the esports talk show.

Entering 2020, Faker continue to become an extremely hot name on television programs. After returning from the Radio Star gameshow, the captain of T1 continued to appear in a new SBS talk show, entitled The Dreamer.

The Dreamers is a talk show with game related topics and esports produced by KBS Central Television. The show also stars K-biz: Kim Hee-chul (probably accepting the invitation just to look forward to seeing Faker again) and the senior announcer of League of Legends Han: Jeon Yong-joon as the MC.

The first episode of The Dreamer will have two special guests, also the two living legends of the Korean esports village: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of League of Legends and Ho Joon’s “Booster” Ho Joon of Kartrider.

It should be emphasized that The Dreamers is a program with a completely different meaning from the gameshow that Faker has attended before. Because this is the first gameshow in Korean history to independently exploit the subject of Esports – eSports.

And perhaps, we don’t need to spend time figuring out why Faker is the first guest on the show. ESports has a very long history in Korea, from the era of Star Craft in the late 90s and early 2000s.

League of Legends Faker continues to expensive show becoming a guest of Korea Central Television in the esports talk show | Esports

Kim Hee-chul is probably the greatest “dignity” fan-boy of League of Legends, because in one month he has met the idols of his life twice.

However, only until LoL was born, and Faker gradually became an immortal monument with a series of world championship victories, then Korean Esports gradually stepped up to a new level, gradually became a cultural trait. popular among Korean youth.

Episode 1 – The Dreamer is expected to air on January 20 on KBS 2TV.

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