League of Legends – Defeat Super Team 2.0 Gen.G, T1 fans gloated: ‘We are still waiting for Faker to end, but I can’t wait to see’

The order of LCK Spring 2020 is gradually being formed, when the top 4 leading teams are all very familiar names, with DragonX, Gen.G, Afreeca and T1. And among them, T1 is showing the most positive signs. They’ve gone through a transfer window with so many pillars gone, but up to now, the rookies of the team still show good integration, and above all, the captain. Faker seems to be showing stronger signs of revival than ever.

In the previous match against Gen.G Esports, Faker continued to have a great performance when he became the leader of the team. Although Teddy was the one who shone in the decisive battle in game 3, but throughout the match, Faker showed confidence and fighting skills and fighting at the highest level.

The main development of the match between T1 and Gen.G Esports is within the framework of the LCK Spring 2020 group stage

Winning against Gen.G does not only bring about a win-lose score, but also brings tremendous encouragement to the players and T1 fans themselves. Confronted with the competition was more appreciated, hailed as the new generation Super Team, but T1, with the core of “veterans” like Faker and Teddy, had a perfect performance.

After the match, the fans of T1 continued to have the opportunity to “go out of the cave” and express their pride about Faker. Obviously, at the age of 25, people have reason to doubt that Faker is about to step down the slope of his career, but he is showing the opposite. When his teammates cannot make mutations, it is Faker who does it. And not just one, but many times this season, T1 won from Faker’s landmark decisions.

Ngày Today (in the match against Gen.G), I wouldn’t be surprised if Faker became faint and strangled in the mid lane, but he did his best in everything he had, A match Great match.

– Are you saying Faker is running out of time? But those days must still be long, we’re still waiting.

– 25 years old, became the oldest player in the LCK, and is still practicing on the boys.

Mùa Every season, people don’t sing the song back and forth, Faker still stands there, arrogant and glorious.

League of Legends Defeat Super Team 2 0 Gen G T1 fans gloated We are still waiting for Faker to end but I can t wait to see | Esports

– 3 world cup championships and 2 MSI, I think no more matches needed to prove his greatness.

– Many people of the same age as Faker have considered retiring, but he is still training hard and has an extraordinary determination to fight. Great, excellent, wonderfull.

– A Faker who is on the other side of his career is good enough for every challenger.

Chẳng I don’t know which way T1 will drift if they are missing Faker tomorrow.

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