League of Legends: Change of fortune, Percent Esports officially changed its name to BTS

2020 is an eventful year for League of Legends Vietnam but at the same time is also a time to reap success Percent Esportsfrom an anonymous team to one of eight League of Legends current strongest in Vietnam.

Percent Esports was established in 2018 by Mr. Hoang Phuc Thong with the original purpose of creating a new playground for young talents in the Vietnamese League of Legends community to freely express and aim for higher dreams in tournaments. international major.

As a result, Percent Espots’ early competitive roster gathered semi-professional gamers in the Sharing Together Challenges community group (CSCT), a community with many young talents living and sharing knowledge. professional. However, the Percent team also faced many difficulties in the first step when many gamers, despite possessing high skills but lack of real combat experience, even among these players, many players still have not. thought about playing professionally.

But then things gradually stabilized when Thong got the help of Vu Trung Minh, a senior in the technology world. Then, both of them hit a new horizon with the introduction of Smart eSports company to easily manage and develop Percent Esports later on. When all preparations are ready, Percent Esports will also harvest the first fruits.

League of Legends Change of fortune Percent Esports officially changed its name to BTS | Esports

May 2020 Percent Esports officially became the focus of the community when it surpassed the veteran VCS giants to officially rank up and join the ranks of the 8 strongest League of Legends teams in Vietnam. However, this promotion period is also the most difficult time for the coaching staff and young players to swim to the ocean for the first time. A series of difficulties in accommodation, living conditions, and continuous training machines make it difficult for a young team like Percent. After knowing the information, many units “Manh Thuong Quan” expressed their intention to invest and support Percent Esports so that these young players can continue to ignite the passion in the community.

A team “for the community” – taking the community as the base for sustainable development. Through 2 years of effort and effort, Percent is the representative of a part of Vietnamese League of Legends gamers who are nurturing the dream of try-hard professionally. And now that dream will continue under the name BTS – BURST THE SKY.

League of Legends Change of fortune Percent Esports officially changed its name to BTS | Esports

In addition, BTS is not merely an abbreviation, but each letter has its own meaning, a separate affirmation:

B – Boldness – Boldness

T – Trust – Trust

S -Sustainability – Sustainability

League of Legends Change of fortune Percent Esports officially changed its name to BTS | Esports

BTS also owns a team of Free Fire

That was, is and will be the future of Burst The Sky. League and FreeFire are both oriented towards such a roadmap, and we believe BTS will do great things in the future.

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