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League of Legends and the games that were once underrated were released, but now they have become true monuments

Professional game critics have to play a lot of different games, good ones, bad ones, medium ones. With so much frequency and continuity of play, critics can’t help but get lost in the assessment, even though this is not a regular occurrence. So if they missed a few good games or it was not too surprising, those unlucky gems were downgraded by mediocre scores, overlooked by many players because of the partial reviews. Inaccuracies of critics. The following victims are a few examples of unlucky games that are victims of the MetaCritic digital game, try the experience and you will find how attractive they are.

Deadly Premonition – MetaCritic: 68

Deadly Premonition is a breathtaking, exciting and thrilling game. The protagonist of the game is a detective, who often talks to his imaginary friend whom he calls Zach. The voice acting and the characters in the game are all strange colors, from a lady with a talking pot to a businessman always wearing a gas mask. And above all, the game has been released since 2010 so its graphics are not as trendy and elaborate as now. This led to Deadly Premonition not being appreciated by critics.

But ignoring all of these assessments, something unexpected happened. The game has become a phenomenon loved by many gamers. Although the graphics are outdated, it is the weirdness and the eccentric elements in the game that everyone considers it a special feature, not an error. And Deadly Premonition is even more than that, when the strange things in the game have connected a community of players love them, and many continue to play to this day.

In the end, Deadly Premonition overcame the pressure from a low MetaCritic score, the game made enough money to cover many costs, such as fixing minor errors, increasing the experience for the player, but still keeping The strange features of the early days.

League of Legends – MetaCritic: 78

League of Legends and the games that were once underrated were released but now they have become true monuments | Game Online

League of Legends is perhaps the most representative example of critics who misjudged its appeal when the game only got 78 points. But clearly with what has been achieved, we can see how League of Legends is a successful game. While other games are still looking for ways to make money from players right from the start of launch, the League of Legends allowing players to experience free games has been a huge plus to attract people. .

Not only that, the game also maintains a balance between different heroes, many items and can combine them in a virtual way, the upgrade process and skills, techniques have raised the game to a new level. new high, become one of the largest electronic sports in the world. League of Legends is still full of charisma when it consistently ranks in the top of the most viewed games on Twitch. Critics’ reviews have been released since 2009, even Game Informer stated that Riot will not have any chance with League of Legends, but as we have been witnessing, League of Legends has proven the opposite, and maybe this game will remain attractive for a long time.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – MetaCritic: 75

League of Legends and the games that were once underrated were released but now they have become true monuments | Game Online

Hideo Kojima is one of the leading figures in the gaming industry, and his signature Metal Gear Solid franchise is a big bright spot that many dreamers can achieve. Back in Part 5 of the Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima’s ambition was huge when he first decided to develop an open world game, and Kojima not only wanted more space to play, but a series of deeply interconnected systems with impressive effects to give players more options to experience. Along with that is the investment for famous actors involved in this project such as Kiefer Sutherland. In other words, Metal Gear Solid V is a project that will take a lot of time and money.

Because of the huge amount of investment, in 2014, Konami publisher decided that they needed to see the revenue coming from this project, and they could not wait any longer. And they told Kojima to give them something to sell, whatever it was. As a result, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was brought, a two-hour experience set in a vast open world space, containing enough elements to make the game still worth playing again to attract. gamers buy. But even at $ 40, the game is still rated by many as unworthy, and it’s clearly a blatant way to make money from Konami, along with the MetaCritic score that stops at 75. .

However, people didn’t know at the time that Ground Zeroes was really just the first chapter in the extended Metal Gear Solid V experience. It introduces players to an awesome open-world design, and subsequent updates bring in action stealth mechanics, and the characters and storylines make the game perfect. Overall, what Ground Zeroes has is a masterpiece. And Metal Gear Solid V is one of the biggest game releases of the last decade.

Warframe – MetaCritic: 64

League of Legends and the games that were once underrated were released but now they have become true monuments | Game Online

Warframe was released in 2013 with a bit of fanfare, but people considered it just a normal shooter. Even its developer, Digital Extreme has never made a big push on itself (although it also contributed in the Unreal and BioShock series before, but only a collaboration contract). The fact that the game allows for free play also doesn’t seem to be a sign of quality. Reviewers claim it is a mediocre product, an anonymous product in a sea of ​​more competitive shooters. “The only reason this game is free to play is that no one pays for something so simple and generic,” Eurogamer said.

Despite that, that generic game actually became the most played title on Steam many years after its release. Digital Extreme has continued to develop, improve and add content to the game, turning the fragile launch day into one of the most insightful and rewarding titles on the market. The large number of its interlocking systems can be a bit difficult for first-time players, but ultimately still get a good review. And the dizzying customization options really allow gamers to find a particular style of play they like. By this point, we can absolutely call Warframe a “perfect game”. Not bad for a game that initially only recorded at 50 points.

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