League of Legends: A guide to make the most of the supported equipment’s power

Many seasons ago the cards support of the League of Legends were underestimated in another position in the match. However, over many seasons, the current supporting role has an influence on the game no less than any position. Because in the current meta, supports can control vision, poke, deal deadly damage, open fights or protect their main force. In which, the support equipment greatly contributes to the strength of the support player.

Here we will learn how to make the most of the power of those supporting equipment:

Ardent Censer

A few seasons ago, this was the item that shaped the meta now Worlds too thoroughly. Because at that moment, supports that can’t be buffed (can’t use Ardent Censer) will all be eliminated from the meta. Currently, this item is not as powerful as it was then, but it is still a very useful item for teams that have a lot of mainstays to deal damage by hand attacks.

For example, the lineup has Graves, Jinx, Ashe, …, this is the required equipment of buffs (like Janna, Lulu, Taric, …).

Athene’s Cup of Demons

League of Legends A guide to make the most of the supported equipment s power | Esports

Like Lu Huong, this is also a powerful support item with champions that can create shield or heal. At the same time it is also an essential equipment for support generals with enough energy to spam skills such as Lux, Sona, Soraka, Karma, …

Iron Solari Necklace

League of Legends A guide to make the most of the supported equipment s power | Esports

This is an item that creates an immediate shield for allies around, most useful when facing enemy champions capable of super fast burst damage like Zed, Katarina, Talon, …

Also, since this is an item whose shield value increases as a percentage of the user’s maximum health, the more health the player supports, the more shields the buff will gain. Can be effectively combined with Animal Statue of Armor, should be purchased with support generals that are prone to resisting like Blitzcrank, Braum, Leona, …

Atonement Chain

Compared to the Iron Solari Necklace, the Atonement Chain works much slower. It is also for that reason that it is suitable for prolonged teamfights, so that the activation can heal your team and damage the enemy team in time.

Mikael’s Protective Case

League of Legends A guide to make the most of the supported equipment s power | Esports

This is an indispensable item when facing enemies with dangerous hard control such as Twisted Fate, Thresh, Ashe, … Because at that time, the support player can neutralize the effect immediately. teammates, return damage or retreat safely. So this is an item that any support champion can buy when the enemy champion has strong control.

Crown Shurelya

Because it is an item that instantly speeds up the movement of nearby allies, the Shurelya Crown can be used to initiate quick combat or to quickly retreat home. Suitable for support generals with strong control such as Thresh, Blitzcrank, Leona, Nautilus, …

Ghost Twins

League of Legends A guide to make the most of the supported equipment s power | Esports

Basically, this item doesn’t power an ally, but it can follow the position of nearby enemies and slow them down. It is an important item if the enemy team has the champions hiding in the forest to catch it, or simply use it to destroy the Cross Chain, Shadow Cloak, … of the enemy team.

Stronger effect when using Frozen Gems, should be purchased with support magic generals such as Karma, Zilean, Xerath, …

The Oath of the Knight

This is an item that helps the support champion move faster towards his main force, while reducing the amount of main damage taken by% and heals based on% of the main damage dealt.

Should buy for melee tank champions like Braum, Leona, Blitzcrank, …

Hurricane Zeke

League of Legends A guide to make the most of the supported equipment s power | Esports

Zeke Storm Capacitor is the main attack-oriented support item, activated when you use your ultimate near an ally. Meanwhile, enemies near you will be slowed and linked allies will deal additional magic damage on hand attacks.

Should be used with the support generals “push” the enemy like Leona, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, … More effective when combined with True Glory. Another interesting trick is that when using Tahm Kench, you can activate the Zeke Storm’s passive continuously by using R and then cancel (R only takes 10 seconds of cooldown).

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