League of Legends: 5 important changes Riot must make right in version 10.4

1. Nerf Soraka Single Road

Soraka The top lane is the most popular weird play lately, not only has it caused a storm in Solo Q mode but has quickly become one of the OP options in professional play. At LEC, Soraka still dominates the top lane while having a 50% win rate in the LCS.

The ability to sustain the lane with the changes in recovery made last year with the Q – Still Tinh makes it very difficult for her to pay every time she makes a mistake in the laning phase. In addition, the ability to heal very strongly in the late game also allows the other main generals in the team to survive very well, especially during long teamfights.

A nerf that targets the healing of W – Star Guardian or R – Wish can be a step in the right direction to ease Soraka’s late-game hegemony. In addition, to limit her ability to solo lanes, reducing her ability to recover with Q skill is also a necessary step.

2. Increase Akali power

Shortly after updating version 10.3, Akali quickly became the champion with the lowest win rate in League of Legends, despite all efforts of the player. The nerf that she just suffered combined with the buffs for other mid lane champions like Corki and Azir made her unable to stand her head in Solo Q mode, with a win rate of only 43.21%.

League of Legends 5 important changes Riot must make right in version 10 4 | Esports

Apparently, recent changes to Akali’s power have focused on professional play, making her an almost useless champion in the hands of casual players. Riot seems to be completely helpless in balancing her, and before she gets reworked, there will be plenty of nerfs.

3. Change of Magic: Fire Devil

League of Legends 5 important changes Riot must make right in version 10 4 | Esports

Rumors have been circulating about Riot’s plans to change the power of his enchanted forest item: Demon of Fire as well as their internal updates equipped with Flame Cloak. This will go a long way in bringing tanks like Sejuani back to the meta. If these changes were made in the next version 10.4, it is likely that the tank will have a disturbance with the presence of a few new junglers who have been absent for a long time.

4. Change your experience in the jungle

League of Legends 5 important changes Riot must make right in version 10 4 | Esports

The buffs for Monster Rock in patch 10.3 are a good start in the riot-fixing efforts that Riot made to the junglers early in the 2020 season. However, after a period of testing, there were It seems that these changes are not enough to overcome the difference between junglers and passers after level 3. A change in the experience of jungle camps during the second revival can allow junglers reach level 6, giving them more impact on the map instead of just the first three levels of time.

5. Reduced the power of Gunner Senna

Even after the changes in version 10.3, the win rate of Senna as the Gunner still above 50%, higher than her own win rate as a Support. Although changing the ghost’s drop rate slows down Senna’s late game power, the equipment that provides additional attack speed still helps her dominate the bottom lane.

League of Legends 5 important changes Riot must make right in version 10 4 | Esports

Balancing Senna’s power can be a daunting task since she was originally designed for the supporter of Gunner. We’ve seen AD carries play a supporting role in the past, such as Miss Fortune, but once the AD carries are properly balanced, they can always perform better AD Carry roles. Reducing base attack speed may be an appropriate solution to limit Senna’s ability to play ADC without affecting her ability to play Support.

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