League of Legends: 4 most notable changes version 10.4 – A series of Gladiators and Assassins ‘household registration’ into the forest

Version 10.4 promises to bring a new breeze, completely changing the face of the jungle position when adding a series of new options for this role. With that, the dominance of the two generals Support Soraka and Sona in the top lane are also likely to come to an end while waiting for them to be a significant power drop.

Here are the top 4 most notable changes in version 10.4:

1. Lower top Soraka strength

Soraka In recent years, it has become a phenomenon in the top lane, not only storming in Solo Q mode but also dominating even in professional play. This is largely due to the fact that the current top meta includes all the “captains” that Soraka can easily outplay and fly kites to die like Mordekaiser, Darius, Sett, etc.

To limit the way she can travel, Riot focusing mainly on her self-healing ability with Q – Still Crystal. Accordingly, the amount of health she heals for herself when Q hits the enemy is reduced, healing time decreases, mana cost increases while movement speed bonuses when away from enemy champions. These nerfs make it difficult for Soraka to take advantage of the exchange phase, difficult to stay in the lane and the safety of the road also decreases significantly.

As a buff, Q’s nerf does not affect Soraka’s bot lane much, especially when Riot tries to compensate for her in this role by increasing the power of W – Stars Fate. Of course in a Support meta dominated by names like Leona, Pyke or Blitzcrank, … not many people want to play hard traps when using a paper-blooded general with no ability to escape like Soraka.

2. Decreased top lane Sona power

The dominance of the top Soraka also led to the rise of Grandma Sona. Once Riot decided to return the health to this area, there was no reason for Soraka to lose strength and Sona to be able to escape.

League of Legends 4 most notable changes version 10 4 A series of Gladiators and Assassins household registration into the forest | Esports

Not as complicated as for Soraka, Riot simply increases 25 energy consumed at all levels of Sona’s Q, W, E trio. This inadvertently causes her ability to go to Support quite a lot, so to compensate, Sona will be refunded 30 energy per skill when she activates the Aura effect on allies The first time you use the technique. In general, this will only help to eliminate the Sona top lane, and in the bottom meta, she will continue to be rejected as her fellow Soraka.

3. Edit & reduce the power of Aphelios

Right from the start, Aphelios has impressed with the extremely complex gameplay mechanism, not only “hacking the opponent” but also making it difficult for the user themselves. Not only for casual players, but even for professional gamers who are extremely knowledgeable about the game also have to give up in front of this new marksman when completely not knowing what he will do next.

League of Legends 4 most notable changes version 10 4 A series of Gladiators and Assassins household registration into the forest | Esports

To remedy this, since version 10.4 the player can see which weapons Aphelios possesses by displaying the symbols of both the main and secondary guns to the right of his health bar. In addition, Calibrum no longer regenerates attacks every time the mark is activated.

Along with this remodeling, Aphelios also reduced the power with the nerf directed at Q – The Watchtower of the Ascended Crescendum weapon. The ultimate of R-Moonlight’s ultimate is also reduced to 300 units to limit Aphelios’ ability to create mutations. Hopefully, with these changes, Song Nguyet Warrior will no longer be OP and will have more strength with other traditional Gunner champions.

4. A series of General Gladiator and Assassin are added to the jungle hero pool

It can be said that the forest is the position that causes Riot’s headache and has to pay the most attention and effort since the pre-2020 period so far. We have seen new changes with Elemental Dragons, Rift Herald, experience of jungle camps, jungle equipment, … and now Riot continues to shift his interest to the jungler pool.

League of Legends 4 most notable changes version 10 4 A series of Gladiators and Assassins household registration into the forest | Esports

Accordingly, since version 10.4, there will be up to 7 champions that can go to the forest thanks to the additional ability to deal damage to forest monsters, including: Darius, Diana, Garen, Gnar, Mordekaiser, Talon and Zed. Apart from Diana who has been used in the jungle quite a lot before, the remaining names are often thought to be intentionally trolling games, breaking the game once appearing in this role.

According to Riot’s explanation, this move is to help new or lower players can choose to go to the forest more with familiar champions. However, it is not natural that a champion is designed to best fulfill a role. Let’s wait and see how much the next meta meta will have the offline!

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