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Launched Surface Headphones 2: Keep the same design, 20-hour battery, support aptX, cost 5.8 million

Today (May 6), Microsoft has just launched two new tablets, including Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2. Besides, the company also introduced additional Surface Headphones 2 models and revealed the time. on the Surface Earbuds shelves, nearly a year after launch.

Talk about Surface Headphones 2, this is the second-generation hooded headset from Microsoft, looks quite similar to its predecessor but is equipped with many improvements both in quality and appearance.

To ensure the best user experience, Microsoft has slightly modified the design on this headset, so it can be rotated 180 degrees and create a more comfortable feeling for users to wear around. neck.

Surface Headphones 2 still has the ability to automatically play / stop playing music based on the position of the headset, pause when you take it down and resume when you put it back to your ear. In addition, it also has a rotary knob in the ear cup, in which the right ear can be used to increase / decrease the volume and the left ear to adjust the noise resistance.

Microsoft has improved the sound quality on Surface Headphones 2, while retaining the same 13 levels of ambient noise protection as the previous generation. It supports active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation, effectively up to 30dB and 40dB respectively.

Launched Surface Headphones 2 Keep the same design 20 hour battery support aptX cost 5 8 million | Digital toys
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In terms of battery life, Surface Headphones 2 can meet up to 20 hours of usage after a full charge, 5 hours longer than its predecessor. Users only need to spend 2 hours to fully charge the headset through the USB Type-C port, as well as charge 5 minutes to extend the music listening time for nearly an hour.

This model supports Bluetooth 5 and aptX protocols, allowing faster and more powerful connections to other devices, as well as reducing latency and delivering better sound quality.

Surface Headphones 2 is now open for pre-order in the US, and is expected to ship on May 12. The product has a retail price of 249 USD (about 5.8 million), much cheaper than the price of 349 USD of the original Surface Headphones.

Launched Surface Headphones 2 Keep the same design 20 hour battery support aptX cost 5 8 million | Digital toys

Surface Earbuds was introduced in October last year with an expected price of 249.99 USD, but in today’s event, Microsoft decided to lower the price of this headset to 199.99 USD (about 4.7 million).

The product is currently open to pre-order in the US, expected delivery on 12/5 coming. Interested readers can find out more about the Surface Earbuds here.

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