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Launch of BookingKOL application: Art world wrapped in your hands

Young people who love art in Vietnam now have their own reputable online playground to connect the community, update art trends, hot news and promote their talents, to pursue their passion. yourself.

BookingKOL application is built as a social network with all the features to help users “unleash their artistic potential”. The content is transmitted in diverse formats such as videos, blogs, images, gifs, audio … to help all types of users promote their creativity, whether they are bloggers, stylists, photographers, artists. artist, …

Booking KOL is a promising playground for art lovers.

Not only encapsulating the art world into your phone, BookingKOL also opens opportunities for brands and businesses who want to reach target customers as well as promote their brand image to young people. and community.

Each user when registering for an account will own their own personal page designed as a portfolio to show their abilities, creative ideas and artistic achievements. Depending on the achievements that users achieve through competitions, as well as the number of followers that their profile page will own certification badges divided into many levels.

Launch of BookingKOL application Art world wrapped in your hands | Apps / Games

BookingKOL social network not only discovers artistic talents in many fields, young people can also play and generate income from their own talents. One of the outstanding features of BookingKOL is the “Booking” section that helps to connect talented people with brands and businesses that have a need for cooperation, creating more opportunities for career development and increased income.

In addition, BookingKOL has been and is in the process of developing other attractive features waiting for you to explore.

Launch of BookingKOL application Art world wrapped in your hands | Apps / Games

The attraction doesn’t stop there. With the goal of building a professional online playground, BookingKOL extremely focuses on bringing gifted competitions for art enthusiasts. At the present time, BookingKOL is organizing an event “Shine Your Style” – a contest of photo street style fashion mix (street style).

Do not hesitate to try at BookingKOL’s “Shine Your Style” playground to look for opportunities to shine. A vibrant space, an online catwalk helps you express your personality and exchange and inspire fashion for each other.

Right now you can download and install the free BookingKOL app on two popular operating systems, iOS and Android.

For detailed information about the application and “Shine Your Style” contest, please visit the homepage:

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