Kryst4l: If we maintain our current form, Suning could win the LPL

After a trip “travel” is like “going out the net away from home” with SofM, Kryst4l has returned to a familiar stream, and once again, his thoughts on the future of Suning has become the hot topic of discussion of the Chinese League of Legends gamers.

The former Snake Esports captain confirmed on stream that he believes Suning will continue his impressive form at Worlds, and that this team is very likely to achieve great results in the upcoming season. , maybe even an LPL championship, if the players maintain their current performance.

“Let’s talk about Suning now. Actually, Suning was runner-up, that’s really too good. Really too good. Although SN didn’t do very well in the LPL, they became runner-up. of the World Championship, I think that’s a great achievement.

They rushed to the Finals without receiving any favorable reviews, and they did well in that match, just their opponents were really strong. I told you before the game, DAMWON Gaming is a very strong team. They are the team that can beat every opponent this season, and after that, my words have come to pass, you guys know that too.

I think Suning overcame himself at Worlds. They reached the Finals and won the runner-up when not appreciated. Of course everyone wants them to win, but DAMWON is too strong. This year’s Finals is not the same as the previous two Finals, where either team won easily with a score of 3-0. DAMWON played great but SN also did well, really everyone who watches understands, they didn’t lose in a crushed fashion, SN showed their strength in the most decisive way. I think they’ll have time to rest and make reasonable adjustments after Worlds.

Even in the upcoming LPL Spring, I think their form at Worlds will continue to show. SN has never made it to the LPL Finals, but if they continue this advancement, they will continue to break another limit. Winning the LPL championship, or at least making it to the Finals, even at international tournaments next year, they can all make up. “

Kryst4l If we maintain our current form Suning could win the LPL | Esports

Statement of Kryst4l may have a bit of a personal subjective bias, because everyone knows the former captain of Snake Esports is always a hard fan and wholeheartedly supports his brother SofM, so he clearly wants Duy Cau Giay to achieve any great title. that in career.

However, the opinion of Kryst4l is in fact the common judgment of many experts as well as the LPL fan community. After defeating the two strongest teams in China, Suning will naturally be considered as one of the brightest candidates for competing for the LPL Championship season 2021.

Failure in the 2020 Worlds Finals can be a huge pain for Suning players, but on the upside, this is truly an invaluable experience for this fledgling team in the near future. next.

Since the 2020 LPL Summer Playoffs, Suning has gone through 7 pairs of Bo5 matches (3 matches in the Playoffs LPL Summer 2020, 1 match in the Regional Qualifier and 3 matches at Worlds 2020), they only lost 2 and won 5 Well, a pretty good result, and that’s also a sign of the rise of a new force.

Kryst4l If we maintain our current form Suning could win the LPL | Esports

With the current performance of Suning and the incredible progress of young players such as Bin, Angel, Huanfeng, being able to win tickets to the Playoffs LPL Spring 2020 is definitely the goal within SN’s reach. And when entering the Bo5 series, the lions will become an opponent that all other LPL teams … afraid to confront.

As the SN members shared, Worlds 2020 is not the end of their magical journey, but on the contrary, it is just the beginning. More than ever, this team is determined to fulfill its goal of winning a noble title, especially when their two pillars: SofM and SwordArt are no longer young, dreams and aspirations. The championship of these two stars will definitely be a great motivation for SN to rise, get rid of the image of “dark horse” and become the real big brother of League of Legends.

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