“Knives Out” director revealed: Apple does not allow bad guys to use iPhone in the film

Director Rian Johnson of the movie “Knives Out” recently revealed an interesting fact, that bad guys never use the iPhone. Apple allows its iPhones to appear in movies, but villains will not be allowed to have scenes while using the iPhone. Only good people use iPhone in movies.

Johnson joked that revealing this truth could ruin the mysterious details of a movie, revealing who is the villain and who is a good person. Every director has a bad guy in the movie, but no one knows who it is, causing viewers to judge, and only until the end of the film is exposed.

A scene in the movie Knives Out has the appearance of the iPhone.

But if the audience knows this fact, they can guess that someone holding the iPhone in hand is certainly not the villain. Like in “ Knives Out, ” a fascinating movie with surprising and mysterious details, causing viewers to go from one suspicion to another, who ultimately killed the billionaire novelist Harlan Thrombey. .

However, in a scene of the movie that appeared iPhone, the truth was somewhat revealed. But do not worry if you have not seen this movie, because the revealed scene will not reveal the whole truth, and there will still be mysterious details fascinating for you to discover.

There have been rumors before that Apple strictly controls the appearance of products like the iPhone or iPad in movies. According to MacRumors, Apple also made conditions that its products must appear under the best lighting conditions, to display the most beautiful.

Anyway knowing this truth is quite interesting. In the next films, we will know that the guy using the iPhone or MacBook is definitely a good person. If anyone uses an Android smartphone, it’s likely the villain.

Reference: theverge

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