Kimetsu no Yaiba: Claiming to be a hard fan, do you know the real age of the 9 Pillars? (P2)

Main is the title to refer to the top and strongest swordsmen among Monster hunter, acting as elite warriors of the Demon Slayer. Every Main both possess a special and extremely powerful type of breath (kokyuu). And the appearance of these characters has created a huge wave of love among the fan community.

However, you already know the real age of 9 Main not yet? Who is the oldest, who is the smallest? Let’s find out together today.

6. Kanroji Mitsuri (Lizard Head) -19 years old

Kanroji Mitsuri is the Lizard Head and also owns the breath of love of the Demon Slayer. Being a beautiful, slender girl, Mitsuri was able to defeat all the surrounding men. With a muscular density eight times bigger than a normal person, the power of a wrestler so this strong young lady was extremely … gloomy in love, everyone considered her an eccentric.

Encouraged by the Leader Oyakata, she joined the Demon Slayer and thanks to her exceptional talent and strength, Mitsuri’s efforts became Main strong that many people admire. However, at the age of 19, Mitsuri is still a dreamer, affectionate and kind.

7. Himejima Gyoumei (Lava Head) – 27 years old

Kimetsu no Yaiba Claiming to be a hard fan do you know the real age of the 9 Pillars P2 | Manga/Film

Himejima Gyoumei is one Monster hunter and the Devil Head Pillar. It is not surprising that Gyomei is recognized as the strongest and the oldest of the 9. Main.

His strength is not only physically at the height of his people but also extremely skilled techniques. Most Venerable Kokushibou has admitted that in the past 300 years, there has not been Monster hunter Which is in the strongest state of man like you.

8. Uzui Tengen (Underworld) – 23 years old

Kimetsu no Yaiba Claiming to be a hard fan do you know the real age of the 9 Pillars P2 | Manga/Film

Uzui Tengen is the Devil’s Pillar and the owner of the breath of sound.

Slightly contrary to his age, Tengen loves to use beautiful jewelry to emphasize himself, such as a headband with gemstones or big gold rings on the sides of his arm, etc.

A person who always liked flashiness, he always spoke and thought in a beautiful and proud way. He cares for his wives, their lives are more valuable than his work and career. He also once identified himself as the “God who controls the glamor” and the “God of festivals”.

9. Tokitou Muichirou (Ha Tru) -14 years old

Kimetsu no Yaiba Claiming to be a hard fan do you know the real age of the 9 Pillars P2 | Manga/Film

The person considered to be the youngest among the 9 Main Nobody else is Muichiro. He is the direct descendant of Thuong Huyen Kokushibou and the legendary swordsman Tsugikuni Yoriichi.

He is the user of “The Breath of the Mist”, a breath which is branched out of the Breath of the Wind. He is also known as a rare genius of the Demon Slayer, because after only two months of wielding the sword became Main Even though your age is small.

However, the fate of extremely sad when leaving at a very young age. In the confrontation with Kokushibo, he was cut off his lower half and knocked out. The death of Ha Tru left many regrets for the fans, but the fans of the Hehe were somewhat comforted by Tokitou being reunited with his twin brother. He completed his mission most gloriously, and was freed from the suffering brought about by the devils.

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