Kim Dung swordplay: The Grand Master beautiful but suffering because of love

Lam Trieu Anh – ancestor of Co Mo sect

Lam Trieu Anh is not a character mentioned many times in the martial arts tales of Kim Dung, but left a deep impression in the minds of readers. She was the founder of the Co Mo sect – a school that later Tieu Long Nu and Duong Qua studied.

Lam Trieu Anh was also the lover of the first master of the time, Vuong Trung Duong. In the work of The Condor Heroes, the late writer Kim Dung described the love story of two extremely beautiful but sad people.

Lam Trieu Anh is the founder of the Co Mo sect.

During a meeting with Quach Tinh on Toan Chan Mountain, Khuu Xu Co talked about Lam Trieu Anh through a poem carved into the stone. He said the person who wrote on it was an outstanding figure in martial arts, a very special situation, a talented martial artist, a great adventure, although not a fairy, but also a hundred years’ masterpiece.

Lam Trieu Anh, who was originally in love, wanted to be married to Vuong Trung Duong later, but because of his anti-enemy career, Vuong Trung Duong knew he still tried to avoid this, causing Lam Trieu Anh to suffer, two people. from being turned into a friend, now with emotion, he has turned into a feud, reuniting with martial arts on the mountain of Chung Nam.

Wang Guiyang tried to give up, but made her even angrier. So he had to fight, but fighting still could not win, which made Lam Trieu Anh even more resentful because he thought he was too disdain. Vuong Trung Duong proposed to fight Van. Lam Trieu Anh said that if he lost, he wouldn’t bother him, and if he won, she would definitely have to be buried. The implication is living with him there. The two men met the next morning to fight.

The next morning, meeting her, she said, “If you win, I will kill myself on the spot, so I will never see each other again. If you win, then you must let me stay in the Deathly Martyrs, all the time. If you don’t, you will have to become a monk, or be a monk, or be a monk. Whether you are a monk or a monk, you have to build your own mountain, for ten years “.

Then, to the immense surprise of Wang Yang Yang, every word like a dragon and phoenix dancing gradually appeared before his eyes, she engraved a poem about Zhang Ziyi against the Qin enemy. That same night he moved out to her at the tomb, and he left the house to set up a shop next to her, which was the precursor of the palace of Trung Duong, of the True Truth later.

After residing in this place, Lam Trieu Anh studied some of the martial arts that Vuong Trung Duong portrayed here, then contemplated the invention of how to counter that martial art.

Jade is a martial arts martial arts that Lam Trieu Anh spent his whole life in the tomb to write, only to counteract the entire martial arts of Vuong Trung Duong and Toan Chan.

Guo Xiang – the patriarch of Emei sect

Appearing in the novel The Condor Heroes and the first part of the novel Ỷ the celestial dragon, Quach Tuong is the youngest daughter of Quach Tinh – Hoang Dung in, she has the father’s generosity and the cleverness and mischief of her mother .

Kim Dung swordplay The Grand Master beautiful but suffering because of love | Manga/Film

Quach Tuong secretly loves Duong Duong.

Because of his admiration of the God of the Condor Heroes, Quach Tuong was accidentally swept into an adventure with him since she was Kim Dung’s appearance. Love for Duong Qua is increasing, but Quach Tuong left it in his heart because he knew Duong Duong only loved Tieu Long Nu. After the Condor Heroes ended, Guo Xiang fled to Yangtze and received word that his family had perished for protecting Xiangyang. Too miserable, Guo Xiang renounced and founded the Emei sect and abandoned a silent love affair with Duong Qua.

Killing Great Master Thai – the third Grand Master of the Emei sect

Appeared in the novel Ỷ heavenly map of the long writer Kim Dung. Killing Great Master Thai is the third life attorney of the Emei sect, a martial art of the upper class in the martial arts world, famous with the town’s treasure Ỷ natural sword. At the same time, she was also famous for being a rigid, dogmatical figure, heavily prejudiced, and her dark views were so cruel and cold that she would not stand in the same position as the Taoist religion, nor would she. Receiving the assistance of Zhang Wuji. It was her rigidness, conservative that made many people think that Destroying the Great Master is the most obnoxious character Ỷ the dragon god.

Kim Dung swordplay The Grand Master beautiful but suffering because of love | Manga/Film

Tuyệt Tuyệt Tuyệt trong trong trong 2019 Ỷ Ỷ Ỷ Ỷ 2019 2019 trong trong trong trong trong 2019 Ỷ Ỷ 2019 Ỷ 2019 in the movie Ỷ the dragon ball 2019

In the movie Ỷ the celestial dragon, 2019, when Master Yen was still a monk, she and her brother-in-law Ms. Hong Tu were once lovers. Ms. Hong Tu heard the name Quang Minh describe the porcelain Duong Tieu, a superhuman martial artist, many times challenged. He brought with him a quarter of a sword to fight against Duong Tieu and still lost, even being kept by the opponent. Too angry, Ms. Hong Zi became ill and died. Destroying the Great Master, this feud was brought to Duong Tieu’s head, becoming an enemy of the sky with Minh Giao. She created two methods of swordplay, namely “Killing Sword” and “Great Sword”, in order to carry out her intention to eradicate her enlightenment.

Although not the main character, but saying that Destroying the Master is a minor character is also not satisfactory because her role in the story of the dragon Ỷ dragon ball is extremely important. Destroying the Great Master is the one who caused the feud of both martial arts shown by the fact that she killed Ky Hieu Phu and caused resentment with Duong Tieu, from which the two sides fought, causing further unjustness between the two evil factions in martial arts. Lam.

Destroying the Great Master is also the one who presided over the sectarianist siege of the Quang Minh peak to kill the Ming people in a cruel way, causing Zhang Wuji to intervene and endure three great masters of the Absolute Master. Master Thai.

While the six great sects were being captured by Zhao Man, Zhuge Cheng had passed the post of the Grand Master to Zhou Zhuge and clarified the secret of the Dragon Saber, Ỷ heavenly sword for her. Getting Chu Chi Nhuoc to seize a sword and Ỷ heavenly sword, form a martial art to destroy Ming religion and drive the Mongols. Knowing that the disciple had a deep love for Zhang Wuji, whom she always thought was a great ghost, she forced Zhou Zhuo to make a vow not to take Zhang Wuji as a husband if she violated the oath and children. of Zhou Zhuo will not end well.

The act of coercing Zhou Zhuo’s destruction is also the cause of nearly all later developments involving the main characters; Truong Vo Ky, Ta Ton, Trieu Man, Tieu Chieu and Chu Chi Nhuoc …

It can be said that Destroying the Great Master and Li Mac Sad because of love become evil. But the difference is that Ly Mac Sau was born with hatred and became vindictive, from a beautiful woman to a ghost girl, everyone was terrified, and Destroyed the master because he lost the person he loved. resentment and hatred for all but the people related to the religion, refusing to eradicate the religion to avenge her loved one caused many waves on the Wanderer, hurting the closest disciples .

Chu Chi Nhuoc – the fourth Grand Master of the Emei sect

Kim Dung swordplay The Grand Master beautiful but suffering because of love | Manga/Film

Zhou Zhuo in the movie Ỷ heavenly dragon sign 2019.

Chu Chi Nhuoc is one of the female villains that left the deepest impression in Ỷ the celestial dragon in particular and the works of the late writer Kim Dung in general. This was once a gentle, docile, beautiful beauty who was thoroughly loved and passed down by the Emperors of the Emirate School of Emei. Experiencing many incidents with ups and downs in the Wanderer and the collapse of the heartwarming love affair with Truong Vo Ky, gradually Chu Chi Nhuoc gradually became a scary figure.

This is also one of the women who possess superior martial arts in the world of martial arts Kim Dung. Chu Chi Nhuoc attained all the quintessence of martial arts in the Nine Yin Chan series, fluent in Emei Yang, Yang Mi, Swordsman, and Kim peaks.

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