Kim Dung swordplay: The fatal weakness of two unsuccessful martial arts subjects

Novel Kim Dung swordplay There are always sets of legendary recipes throughout the works such as: Dragon scorpions, Six gods of sword, Nine legs of god, Diamond of indestructible spirit or Single sword … these are tips. Martial arts that Gypsy everyone wants to own. However, few people know that the two unbeaten subjects of the Nine Gods and the Diamond Immortal Lord can still have weaknesses.

The vandal-indestructible diamond is one of the five great ministers of the Shaolin Temple.

Nine Yang cannon

Nine legged legends or Nine-legged peacock is a martial arts secret to teach how to practice the inner appearance that appears in a novel Ỷ dragon ball dragon sign by writer Kim Dung.

Many people learned the Nine-Tails, but only Giac Vien and later Zhang Wuji learned the original text. Giac Vien was an avid reader, while guarding the Sutta of Shaolin Temple read all the books and accidentally read the whole Lankavatara Sutta. Because of reading so many times, Giac Vien accidentally trained the Nine-Tailed God and had a powerful inner-body of Nine-Tails, not knowing it.

Kim Dung swordplay The fatal weakness of two unsuccessful martial arts subjects | Manga/Film

Giac Vien Zen Master in the movie Ỷ Thien Long Long Ky (2009).

In Ỷ dragon ball dragon sign, Zhang Wuji, when chased by enemies on the snowy mountain of Kunlun, accidentally strayed into the valley where the old ape contains the Nine-Tailed Fox in his belly. There, Wuji cut open his belly to save the old ape and learned the entire internal work of the Nine-Tailed Gong in this book.

As for the secret recipes for the Nine-Tails, Wuji, after training, buried the scriptures in the canyon and after that no one heard about the journey of this series.

Up to the time of Zhang Wuji, the late writer Kim Dung asserted, “It is important to know that all kinds of internal affairs in the world cannot overcome the Nine-Tailed God, and the Qian wisdom is a method of transportation. force, is the convergence of the spirit of all martial arts. The most common law, the universal magic, so all the elaborate subjects before his eyes are no longer mysterious. ” Because of that, Zhang Wuji became a great master, despite his young age.

However, the Nine-Tailed Gong still has a critical weakness that not many people realize. Basically, the Nine-Yang Gong is almost devoid of a pure martial arts tactic, focusing only on internal cultivation. When training to the upper levels, the practitioner suffered from the whole body being burned but without the oppressive power, there was only the way to die.

When practicing Nine-Nine Gods, it is necessary to keep the mind pure, get enough force without redundancy, transmit and receive like, use the courage and righteousness as spiritual strength. The force of the Nine-Tails, when combined with other martial arts, will create immeasurable power.

The key to cultivation is to keep your mind calm, have high patience and endurance. If it were just to distract, the consciousness was momentary, it would be possible to get into hell and die when the hell possessed it. That is why only Vien Vien and Truong Vo Ky who have a pure mind without any thoughts can fully practice this form of the art.

Diamond indestructible form of cannon

The vandal-indestructible diamond is one of the five great ministers of the Shaolin Temple. This martial art is mentioned in the stories Thien long bat set, Ỷ heavenly dragon map sign and Loc apex signed.

Kim Dung swordplay The fatal weakness of two unsuccessful martial arts subjects | Manga/Film

Xie Xun beat up No Kien Than Tang

In Tian Long Ba Bu and Loc apex signed, Diamonds indestructible in the form of the god are mentioned by the characters as a superior martial art, terrifying, secular, only in legend no one has been able to train the city. It is rumored that anyone who turns into a vandal-indestructible Vajra, the body will be as hard as a copper wall of iron walls, can resist any impact from the outside and outside of the opponent, causing the body to hurt, No one can hurt me.

In Ỷ dragon ball dragon sign, Diamonds are indestructible in the form of the god mentioned in the story of Kim Mao, Master Ta Ta Ton, when Ta Ton used the Seven Loving Seals to attack the Unclassified Monk in all Kim Dung’s stories). Khong Kien Than Tang is the staff of Thieu Lam pagoda, the head of the four great gods of the Sangha. After Thanh Con worshiped him as a teacher, he stood out to neutralize his hatred for Ta Ton, he resigned 13 Ta’s Lovelorn rights Expensive, not reciprocating.

According to Ta Ton, each of his right strikes hits, Kien Kien Tang moves one step forward, using his body to directly block Ta Ton’s right, causing the force of the attack to bounce back on Ta Ton’s own body, the stronger the knockout, the stronger the reflex. However, due to the carelessness of the Sangha, he passed away, his death being the biggest regret of Ta Ton’s life.

The weak point of Diamonds undermining the form of a god is that if the city is not great, the downside is that each time it is not allowed to talk, otherwise it will not work.

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