Kim Dung swordplay: The famous players, but his wife ‘cuckold’

Ma Dai Nguyen

Kang Min betrayed Ma Dai Nguyen.

In the novel Thien long bat set, Ma Dai Nguyen is the deputy head of the Cai Bang state, which is not a low Gypsy status yet unlucky to marry Khang Man, a spontaneous wife. Possessing a beautiful beauty, attracting all eyes, but the mind of Khang Man is extremely cruel. Admiring Tieu Phong as well as craving for the position of his wife Cai Bang, Khang Man tried to seduce him but failed.

Hateful for Tieu Phong just because he didn’t care about her, Khang Man dedicated himself to Bach The Kinh and Toan Quan Thanh to kill her husband, then slandered Tieu Phong, didn’t stop there, Khang Man also revealed the letter. It contains the secret of Tiao Feng’s origin of the Dan Dan, causing him to be harmed, lost the position of master and polio.

Doan Chinh Thuan

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

Doan Chinh Thuan is also a character in the swordplay novel Thien long bat set of the late writer Kim Dung. He was described by Kim Dung for the first time, when he appeared at Tieu Kinh Ho: “The face is in the shape of a national character, about forty but less than fifty, with a majestic appearance but a baggy shirt, it seems pepper “.

At that time, Doan Chinh Thuan was the younger brother of the reigning emperor of Dai Ly Bao Dinh De, holding the position of Tran Nam Vuong, the title of Hoang Thai De (to be succeeded by the Emperor). He was described as an amorous person, “Loving women more than Jiangshan”, having relationships with many beauties but his feelings for them were very sincere, and it seemed that he really loved, drunk love them (when they are together).

However, Doan Chinh Thuan was abandoned by Dao Bach Phuong (the official wife of Doan Chinh Thuan) after discovering the non-marriage relationship of Doan Chinh Thuan and deciding to have an affair with a “vile” person to poke fun. News husband. She had an affair with a filthy beggar, who was actually Crown Prince Doan Dien Khanh, who was seriously injured at the time, and later gave birth to Doan Du.

Doan Tri Hung

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

Nam De – Doan Tri Hung in the movie The Condor Heroes.

In martial arts novels Condor Heroes by the late writer Kim Dung, Doan Tri Hung is a quite important figure. He also continued to appear in the next novel God Condor. He is the son of Doan Chinh Hung, the grandson of Doan Du and Moc Uyen Thanh in Thien Long Bat Bo.

After letting go of his hair, he was depressed, and his legal name was Nhat Dang Dai Su. As a figure of clarity, respect and ambition, Doan Tri Hung has won the hearts of readers.

However, just because of his passion for martial arts, during the time when Vuong Trung Duong led his brother Chu Ba Thong to exchange martial arts and pass on the fairy, Zhou Ba Circular with Anh Co, a very favored concubine. of Doan Tri Hung, born a child.

Because of this, Doan Tri Hung was very angry. Then, Thien Thien Sheep came to beat the child a very heavy attorney in order to make Doan Tri Hung lose his inner strength to save him but because of jealousy, he did not save the baby, causing Brother and Sister to kill their own child. and leave. This tragedy caused Doan Tri Hung to be greatly tormented, which was also the reason he decided to retire from becoming a monk.

Vo Nhai Tu

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

Whatever in Thien long bat set not to mention the sincerity of Vo Nhai Tu and Ly Thu Thuy but he certainly considered black sister as fiancée. The couple had a daughter, who later became the bride of the Wang family in Suzhou (the mother of Vuong Ngu Yen).

The couple lived in a cave, collecting martial arts sects but she always felt that Vo Nhai Tu was always cold to her. Later when Vo Nhai Tu sculpted a jade statue like her and then fell in love with it and ignored her (actually her sister’s statue), because of hatred of Nhai Tu, she moved to Western Ha and became Thai Phi, founded West Ha Nhat Pham Sugar.

In the first edition of Thiên Long Bat Bộ, Lý Thu Thủy did not have any children and Vo Nhai Tu did not love any other girls. What he is passionate about is the jade statue. Initially, Vo Nhai Tu wanted to sculpt a statue like Ly Thu Thuy, when he completed it, he added a mole under his right eye, accidentally making the statue’s beauty beautiful.

Duong Dinh Thien

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

In the Ỷ long map, Duong Dinh Thien is the 33rd ruler of Minh Giao, mastering the great skill Can be moved to the fourth floor, he defeated all three great masters of Shaolin and a lot of people. other. Duong Dinh Thien advocated overthrow of the Yuan dynasty, restoring Jiangshan for Han Chinese. However, the great karma has not been achieved yet.

His wife – Madam Duong was originally a young lady, had a love affair with Thanh Con, was forced to marry for Duong Dinh Thien, so she still met secretly in Con Dao’s secret path under Quang Minh Dinh. Duong Dinh Thien died of being possessed by a pipe while practicing the exercises because he discovered his wife and Jackie Chan were cheating. Yang lady saw heartbreaking death under her husband.

Muc Nhan Phung

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

Mieu Nhan Phung is a descendant of the Miao family in resentment of four families, his golden face, martial arts and high-strength martial arts, so he is called the Golden Face Buddha (Golden Face Buddha). Kim Dien Buddha is famous for the Miao sword master. Nam Lan is the wife of Mieu Nhan Phung, and also the one who has saved his life. Just thought that this heroic love-saving love story would last smoothly. But unfortunately not. Actually, at that time, Nam Lan only needed a support, and later, the married life started to generate many conflicts.

That is also the reason that she left her husband and children to follow Dien Quy Nong – a man of great magnificence and especially how to please women. But then sowing any results, the fate of Dien Quy Nong can not have a happy ending in Tuyet Son Phi Ho. Many people blamed Dien Quy Nong for being insolent and Nam Lan did not share her love, but partly because Mieu Nhan Phung was only interested in martial arts training and neglected her wife.

Hong An Thong

Kim Dung swordplay The famous players but his wife cuckold | Manga/Film

In Loc apex signed, Hồng An Thông is the Lord of the Dragon God, is a master of the martial arts but he cannot keep his wife Tô Thuyên. Because Hong An Thong was too naive to believe the name Vi Tieu Bao a cunning man.

But part of the error is because Hong An Thong was too focused on martial arts practice, so even though he admired and persisted in pampering, Hong An Thong did not fulfill his husband’s duties to Tô Thuyên, aka Lady Hong. Only then, once, Vi Tieu Bao seized the opportunity and ambiguously with To Thuyen. Since then, Tô Thuyên’s consciousness with Hồng An Thông changed, and later she became one of the seven wives of Vi Tiểu Bảo.

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