Kim Dung swordplay: Hong That Cong’s greatest bad

First appeared in the novel Condor Heroes and the next is God Condor of the late writer Kim Dung, Hong That Cong was the eighteenth ruler of Cai Bang, nicknamed Cuu Chi Than Cai. As a leading martial arts character listed as a great martial artist with two famous subjects Long row of eight attorneys and Downplayed the law.

Hong That Cong in 2017 Condor Heroes.

At Hoa Son for the first time, Hong That Cong became one of the top ten people in the world (the five people with the strongest martial arts at that time), praised by martial artists as Bac Cai and Dong Ta Hoang Hoang Su, Nam De Doan Tri. Hung, Western Poison Au Duong Phong and Trung Thong Thong Vuong Trung Duong.

Along with the martial arts, the dignity as well as the personality of Hong That Cong also contributed significantly to the resounding reputation of the illustrious Bac Cai Trung Nguyen. Hate evil, a life of chivalry, fair and honest conduct, never murdering an innocent person, Hong That Cong is one of the perfect forms of great unity. However, he himself is an imperfect hero.

That imperfection is expressed right in the hands of Hong That Cong. His hand has only nine fingers, because one finger was severed in anger. Hong That Justice explained: “Whenever the index finger moves, it will definitely be delicious”.

And also because of his appetite, he accidentally caused one of his student brothers to die miserably because he could not come. Regretting and angry, Hong That Cong drew back his sword. There are things, though broken fingers, gluttony of the owner Bang Bang still can not give up.

Kim Dung swordplay Hong That Cong s greatest bad | Manga/Film

Hong That Cong only because of gluttony caused one of his brothers to die miserably.

It was Hong That Cong who also claimed to be his worst habit. Just seeing the delicious strange things, he immediately forgot everything in the world. Even to the face of a great martial artist he also pushed aside, as when seeing the grilled chicken of Hoang Dung made Quach Tinh. The Bang Bang lord then stared at the chicken, his throat jerked, drooling, as if he was about to plunge into robbers.

Also because of his special gluttony, Hong That Cong was enticed by Hoang Dung with delicious food, so he passed down the Dragon Bowl to Chu Quach Tinh but only gave 15 moves (if it was all, Quach Tinh will be his disciple) and teach the law of Tieu du dao to Hoang Dung, but he does not allow the two of them to call him master. Hoang Dung was also transmitted by Hong That Cong to the Manchu flower dance technique to deal with the poisonous herds of Au Duong Khac, the grandson of Western Poison Au Duong Phong.

Kim Dung swordplay Hong That Cong s greatest bad | Manga/Film

Hong That Cong, because of greed, passed on the goods of the Red Dragon bowl to Guo Jing.

Remember, at that time, they were just a fuss of each other, even when knowing that Hoang Dung was the daughter of Hoang Duoc Hoang, Hong Kong was the daughter of a friend. Yet he dared to bring those 15 techniques of championing the world to Quach Tinh, just in return for enjoying the strange delicacies in the world, enough to see how big the appetite of Hong That Cong was?

Unbelievable eating habits of Hong That Cong may make many people chuckle, even sarcasm behind his back, but the personality and mettle of North Cai is completely opposite. Ignoring his nearly unique vices, one saw the manifestation of a great army of kindness, goodness, and loyalty. Even in the face of the enemy, his noble martial spirit is still highly respected. Despite being harmed by Au Duong Phong, he encountered an accident in the open sea, but later when Au Duong Phong was in trouble, Hong That Cong still took action to help, despite the extremely dissatisfied Hoang Dung.

Kim Dung swordplay Hong That Cong s greatest bad | Manga/Film

Hong That Cong and Au Duong Phong

To the novel God Condor, Hong That Cong and Au Duong Phong accidentally met again in Hoa Son and fought a life-and-death battle. Continuous fighting for many days in Hoa Son, from boxing to competition. In the end, when they were both severely injured, they turned to battle. North Cai Hong That Cong passed on the oral argument of the duel for Yang to be overtaken, and the Western Single Au Duong Phong to neutralize. After defeating the 36th technique – The world is very unremarkable, Au Duong Phong was hugged by Hong That Cong for admiration. Then Au Duong Phong recalled and realized that Hong That Cong, the two seniors hugged and smiled to death.

Perhaps between the two of them there were always resentments that could not be erased. But at the end of his life, Hong That Cong and Au Duong Phong also lived up to the nature of the masters of martial arts, fighting a main battle route so that they could laugh and go away.

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