Keanu Reeves included his legendary meme in the first comic book he wrote

Keanu Reeves is currently one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood thanks to his cult roles in the series The Matrix, John Wick, Bill & Ted, and his simple, friendly lifestyle. However, not only is the star on the big screen, he is also famous for the legendary meme Sad Keanu – “sad” Keanu used to crazy the Internet for a while. Recently, the actor revealed that he also loves this image and decided to draw it with artist Ron Garney in his debut comic book.

Keanu Reeves put his famous one-time meme into the BRZRKR comic book series.

If you do not know, the meme Sad Keanu was born in 2010, and in fact is just a random moment that the paparazzi captured the actor sitting on a sandwich in the park with a sad face. No one knows what he is thinking, or what he encounters, but Keanu’s austere face and tired look have made the online community both… funny. And so this photo was spread at a dizzying rate, along with 7749 photoshop products to produce the most salty memes at that time.

Returning to the main issue, Keanu said he would include his own meme image in the BRZRKR comic book, a collaborative project between him and Matt Kindt, Bill Crabtree, Clem Robin & Ron Garney. The project was then raised on Kickstarter on September 1 with a target of $ 50,000, but the actual number they received was nearly $ 1.5 million, coming from the support of 14,571 fans. tomb.

In the BRZRKR series, Keanu takes on the role of writer and role model for the main character – Berzerker. This is a character with a rather mysterious background, specializing in cooperating with the US government to handle cases “too cruel, violent for an ordinary person to perform”. In the product description on Kickstarter there is writing BRZRKR inspired by action works, superheroes, and extremely suitable if readers love Wolverine or John Wick (or both, the better).

Keanu Reeves included his legendary meme in the first comic book he wrote | Live

Will Keanu Reeves’ Berserker be a mix of Wolverine and John Wick?

Earlier, while talking to Donny Cates, the writer of Venom, Keanu shared that he was excited about the idea of ​​including the Sad Keanu meme in his debut comic project. And the first sketches of this concept have also been revealed through the highly professional drawing of Ron Garney, though this may not be the image used in the final release.

It can be said, although the comic book version has quite successfully copied the look of Keanu Reeves in the popular meme, the colors between the two products are completely opposite. On one side is Keanu leisurely enjoying his sandwich in the middle of a crowded park, only revealing a blank expression for a fleeting moment but accidentally being recorded by the camera lens. On the other side is a cold-blooded assassin sitting alone in the midst of the torrential rain and his disgraceful thoughts that no one can guess. That also makes fans very curious about the identity, the strength of Berserker, and what will happen to this character in BRZRKR.

Interested readers can order BRZRKR above Kickstarter With many different prices, ranging from 45 USD to 325 USD depending on the product you choose (hardcover, paperback, gifts included).

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