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Kamen Rider: Top 10 ‘Extra Form’ of the main Kamen Rider (P. 2)

In previous post, we have gone through the list of 5 Extra Forms of the most popular Kamen Riders. So in today’s lesson, let’s review the remaining 5 names in the list.

6. Kamen Rider Build: Cross-Z Build Form

Cross-Z Build Form is one of the strongest states that Build has ever made, appearing only in Kamen Rider Build The Movie: Be The One. When transformed, like Double’s Xtreme, the bodies of both Kiryuu Sento and Banjou Ryuuga will merge into 1.

Created by the fusion of Genius Bottle and 2 bottles when Sento and Ryuuga reached a hazard level of 7.0: Golden Rabbit – Silver Dragon, Cross-Z Build Form was able to easily defeat Kamen Rider Blood. However, it seems that the full power of this state has not been fully developed yet. Even with the Genius Form, Sento has never used up the full 60 bottle abilities from it.

7. Kamen Rider Drive: Type Special

Appearing in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, Type Special is a combination of the current Drive’s power (Tomari Shinnosuke) and his son: Future Drive (Tomari Eiji). According to the specs, this state is the strongest state that Drive has ever achieved, even more superior than the Type Tridoron when easily defeated Paradox Roidmude (Roidmude version is said to be the strongest, which is a combination most of the current and future Roidmude 108).

Kamen Rider Top 10 Extra Form of the main Kamen Rider P 2 | Khám phá

The Type Special’s transformation device is the Shift Next Special Car, created by extracting and combining with a portion of the power from the future car: NEXTridoron.

8. Kamen Rider Wizard: Infinity Dragon Gold

As the strongest state of the Kamen Rider Wizard, Infinity Dragon Gold is activated by using the Finish Strike ring when in Infinity form. In this form, Haruto gains immense power, when the Infinity power is combined with four dragon attributes (similar to All Dragon), along with the influence of Hope Ring inside his body.

Kamen Rider Top 10 Extra Form of the main Kamen Rider P 2 | Khám phá

Infinity Dragon Gold has the same appearance as Infinity Dragon, except that it is yellow due to the influence of Hope Ring.

In this state, he is equipped with Gold Infinity Skull (dragon head on chest) equivalent to Fire attribute, Gold Infinity Tail tail is equivalent to Water attribute, Gold Infinity Wings wings are equivalent to Storm attribute and claw. Claw Gold Infinity Hell Claws is equivalent to the Earth attribute.

9. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Mighty Novel X

Appearing in the novel of the same name, Mighty Novel X is the strongest state that Hojo Emu has ever achieved, when it possesses the ability to change reality and defeat one of the most dangerous Kamen Rider of all time: Genm God Maximum Mighty X.

Kamen Rider Top 10 Extra Form of the main Kamen Rider P 2 | Khám phá

With this power, Ex-Aid deserves to be one of the strongest Kamen Rider of all time.

10. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Ohma Form

As the state possesses the power of the Demon King, appearing in Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer, the Ohma Form is formed by Ohma Watch and Ziku Driver. According to specs, this is the state with the highest physical power that Zi-O can achieve, even surpassing Ohma Zi-O, but perhaps a bit less in terms of special abilities, such as Take control of the other Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Top 10 Extra Form of the main Kamen Rider P 2 | Khám phá

However, Ohma Form still possesses Ohma’s dangerous abilities such as telekinesis or time control of any object, as he can easily turn Dai Mazine machines into rusty metal heaps. However, it is a pity that this state only re-appeared in the Final Stage, instead of in the final episode of the series.

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