Kaido showed tremendous power in One Piece 997, many fans wondered how Shanks was able to stop him.

Seems to be in human form, Kaido are showing complete superiority with the group Cuu Hong Bao. Kaido seems to have defeated all of the Nine Hong Bao. Not stopping there, Kaido knew that in Hoa Do, the people of Wano were celebrating the festival waiting for the news of the victory of the samurai and Cuu Hong Bao, so he wanted to teach them a lifetime lesson and break all their will to resist. against him. Kaido enveloped Onigashima with his power with a layer of clouds, then lifted it into the sky and gradually directed the entire giant island toward the United Capital.

Facing such a tremendous power, of course, One Piece fans in Vietnam expressed concern for the life of Cuu Hong Bao. Apparently without the help of the Luffy alliance they would be in danger. However, there is a detail, although it has been given by Oda for a long time, but suddenly it is mentioned a lot by readers, that is why a person with “monster” power like Kaido is “lost his hand”. “as Red Hair Shanks prevented when Kaido two years ago wanted to go to the Marine headquarters to destroy Whitebeard.

Kaido showed tremendous power in One Piece 997 many fans wondered how Shanks was able to stop him | Manga/Film

In fact, so far how strong Red-Haired Shanks is and why someone who doesn’t eat an intact (one-handed) Devil Fruit like Shanks can face Kaido fairly and even makes him forced to give up his intent to destroy Whitebeard at the Battle of Marineford. Even the Navy was surprised when Shanks had just encountered Kaido and still reached the headquarters to end the war.

Returning to the battle of Wano, Kaido will now bring the Demon Island to the capital of the United States so that he can destroy all the rebels before the entire people of the capital, where they are wishing for a day of freedom. back to your own country. With the current strength of Kaido, it is very difficult for Luffy or a team to defeat these Yonko without someone strong enough to make Kaido difficult.

Kaido showed tremendous power in One Piece 997 many fans wondered how Shanks was able to stop him | Manga/Film

Then imagine if this person is Red Hair Shanks and the battle between the Yonko Shanks and Kaido will partly satisfy the readers why a guy like Shanks can stop the creature. the strongest in the world.

Wano is being pushed up more and more by Oda, Kaido is now slowly becoming a real terror for all who are present on Devil Island. Alliance Kaido and Big Mom have not shown signs of division, Kaido alone is terrible now with another monster like Big Mom, Luffy alliance will need to do to win. How do you think about having more powerful people like Red-Haired Shanks join the battlefield? WanoPlease leave your comments!

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