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Just been on VTV, PUBG Mobile gamer bluntly declared “what age is FF?”

Yesterday, Sports 24/7 (the program right after the 19 o’clock news), PUBG Mobile had the honor is brought on air by VTV. This time, not to condemn it but to honor Box Gaming, a representative of PUBG Mobile Vietnam who has just won high rankings in the world finals.

Not long ago, the Vietnamese gaming community almost “distrust” when VTV condemns a series of titles that are considered to be a hit in the Vietnamese game market on the issue of violence, addiction, uncensored content, unable to limit playing hours … PUBG Mobile even without being mentioned. at that time, but was still indirectly appearing on the background of that show.

Now it is different, PUBG Mobile name is again prompted makes gamers of this game feel extremely excited. On VNG’s PUBG Mobile Vietnam group, a series of player posts about the event show how great gamers are. Because, rarely, games are broadcast on television like PUBG Mobile.

Just been on VTV PUBG Mobile gamer bluntly declared what age is FF | Mobile & Social

This makes some parts of PUBG Mobile gamers happy. Besides the positive posts, there’s also no shortage of comparable comments to my direct competitors “What was the age of three FFs the other day” or “Is FF’s turn on VTV yet?” or “Temple game something has not been seen yet”. Many people when reading these comments will immediately think of PUBG Mobile’s rival in Vietnam, Free Fire, Garena’s survival game.

Just been on VTV PUBG Mobile gamer bluntly declared what age is FF | Mobile & Social

However, if you look back on the past, Free Fire was also good aired on VTV at least twice. One time was when VTV mentioned Free Fire with a tournament that brought together 8 teams of this game. The second time was when the 2020 Spring Survival Arena final was held with the championship won by V Gaming.

In both appearances, Free Fire is known as a popular esports game with professional eSports tournaments. This makes the gaming community Free Fire gets excited, especially young gamers. When this event took place, many Free Fire players invited each other to show off their parents at dinner because they felt proud of the product they were playing.

Just been on VTV PUBG Mobile gamer bluntly declared what age is FF | Mobile & Social

Can see, the common point of VTV broadcasts are all electronic sports games. Is this a good start to the development of Vietnamese eSports in the future with the support of VTV or not? That still needs time to answer. Hopefully, in the future, there will continue to be such events so that the society and the community have a more positive view on the development of the game as well as of the electronic sport.

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