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Just a year ago, it was unrealistic, now 8K TVs have become a trend

Beginning in disbelief

Since the end of 2018, at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Berlin (Germany), Samsung has confidently announced it will be the first company in the world to commercialize 8K TVs. At that time, the media and consumers around the world were skeptical: why commercialize 8K TVs when 4K content is so lacking? Can human eyes differentiate between 8K and 4K? Many malicious people also think that this is an unrealistic promotion by Samsung, in order to revive the TV sales that were slowing down at that time.

But apparently, the Korean giant doesn’t say anything. In September 2018, the first commercial QLED 8K TV was officially launched in some markets. And on the morning of April 10, 2019 in Vietnam, 8K QLED TVs with super “price” from 119 million to 2 billion were available in Vietnam. At the same time, Samsung’s biggest rivals remained “silent”. And it is not until the end of 2019 that some brands will release commercially available 8K TVs.

8K TV launched in Vietnam, marking a new era in the field of display

By the end of the last few months of 2019, market research firm IHS Markit pointed out that Samsung continues to be the king of TV in the world with a market share of 30.3%, nearly double its No. 2 rival. , market research firm 360 Research Reports also makes predictions that the 8K TV will boom with a 32.1% growth over the next 5 years.

What has to come has come. In early 2020, the world’s largest consumer electronics fair CES witnessed the strongest 8K TV wave ever, when a series of leading names in the world, from Japan to China, South Korea … all simultaneously bringing his 8K TVs to show. No more doubts, no more criticism that the 8K resolution is “unrealistic” anymore. Everyone has understood: TV 8K has really become a new trend.

The trend is inevitable

At the time of 2018, the drawbacks of 8K TV popularity were still very clear: lack of content, most users could not distinguish the difference between 8K and 4K TVs. Because of the press and consumers, even the leading technology experts can ask questions and skepticism. But Samsung has found a way to overcome these difficult obstacles convincingly.

To address the lack of 8K content, Samsung has relied on technology that is currently a leading trend – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using the state-of-the-art Quantum Processor 8K chip, the QLED 8K TV is capable of upgrading the image resolution of the input content, whether it is HD or 2K, to the closest 8K. VTV films and YouTube videos with low quality, are now also clearly displayed on QLED 8K TVs.

Just a year ago it was unrealistic now 8K TVs have become a trend | Digital toys

AI helps upgrade the image quality from normal to close to 8K, thanks to learning the input data of millions of different photos.

More importantly, Samsung understands that in order to help users realize the difference between 4K and 8K, the TV size must be large enough. With the usual TV size of only about 55 inches, it is true that users do not recognize the difference, but when enlarging the size to 75 inches, even 98 inches, it is clear that the 8K resolution feels like The sense is much sharper and more different. The most interesting thing is: that “feeling” is not only something of a sentimental nature, but it is completely true, even such a high resolution also helps your brain. A new study from Professor Kyoung-Min Lee from Seoul National University has demonstrated that the human brain is capable of superior image processing, without seeing the limited number of pixels on a screen. According to the professor, the future will have either 18K or 32K, the screen “has no upper limit”, just the technology that can pull the screen to any height only.

Just a year ago it was unrealistic now 8K TVs have become a trend | Digital toys

8K TVs are not only beautiful, but also beneficial for the brain

Image processing requires the computational power of the computer, as does the brain. The monitor’s CPU can only temporarily handle 8K, but according to Professor Kyoung-Min Lee, the brain is also capable of processing several times more than 8K. And when every detail on the screen becomes clearer and sharper, the brain does not have to work too hard to make conjectures for the missing parts of the picture. Not only do you realize the difference just by “feeling”, but your brain really benefits from that.

Overcoming prejudices and skepticism, 8K TVs have now truly found a foothold in the global market. And of course we cannot deny that Samsung is leading the new trend.

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