Journey to the West: The Magic Sun Wukong is most often used and reaches the top

The 72 magical transformations include:

Communication: It is a magic that allows people to naturally go back and forth between hell. Everyone knows going to hell is not difficult, but wanting to go back is not easy. It was thanks to this Thong Uu that after rebelling the Earth Palace, Sun Wukong was able to return easily to earth.

Spirit zone: Spirit expulsion.

Dam Son: It is able to carry mountains. Sun Wukong was crushed under a mountain for 500 years without dying because of using this miracle.

Forbidden water: Being able to travel in water without being obstructed. Although possessing this magic, but compared with the spell of Sa Ngo Tinh, Sun Wukong is still not equal.

Ta phong: That is to borrow wind, can bring it to use.

Father-in-law: It is cloudy. If we want it to be cloudy, it will cloud.

Love: The sun can make the rain turn to sunshine.

Dance: Pray for rain.

Lying fire: Not afraid of fire, but for fire in other dimensions, it doesn’t work. “The Fire Soot” by Hong Hai Nhi is an example.

Entering water: Can go into the deep sea.

Sunshade: Cover the sun.

Wind: Can ride the wind and go.

Gemstone: Refining into knitting fairy.

Earth: Can spit fire.

Blade: Can swallow blades in the stomach.

Spirit practice: Original spirit (also known as soul) dissociates, the original spirit is super free from the body but freely moves.

Cover island: Use nightmares to fight the enemy.

Ly Thuy: Walking on water.

Staff Prize: Sun Wukong borrowed this magic to escape, that is, he could discard his body and advance.

Clone: ​​Sun Wukong often removes a little bit of hair from his body and then chants mantras to turn out more “Wukong”. This is the clone.

Invisibility: Has the ability to become invisible so that others cannot see him.

Tip: Add the head, cut by someone else can join.

Concentration: Causes a person, or object, to not move.

Trash: Many youkai don’t have real bodies, so you have to rely on this magic to kill them.

Fairy: Invite fairy. This magic is not usable by anyone because it depends on the cultivator’s xinxing and level.

Pursuit: Soul can be seen and chasing.

Photography: Can chase the soul and destroy the beat.

Chieu Van: Waving to the clouds.

Thu Moon: Get the moon.

Ban transport: Move objects.

Dream price: A spell that causes the opponent to fall into a nightmare, thereby destroying the opponent mentally.

Chi ly: Can make each part of the body separate without having any problem.

Staff sign: Send sticks.

Segment: Cut off the flow, Sun Wukong used this spell to help Duong Tang cross the river.

Ringing ears: Except for disaster.

Solution yoke: eliminate danger.

President: No need to eat or drink, you can use the spirit of heaven and earth to nourish yourself.

Medicine: Oriental medicine and surgery.

X-ray blessing: The see-through. If someone else places something in the box, even if the box is not opened, Sun Wukong can see it.

Earth practice: Slump, walking in the ground.

Refinement: Can see destiny.

Father Battle: Battle besieged the enemy. For example, Sun Wukong drew a circle around Tang Tang, preventing Bach Cac Tinh from approaching.

Hypothesis: Body Transformation, this is the magic Sun Wukong most often uses and reaches the top.

Sorcerer: Can draw charms, burn charms in water, drink it to cure illnesses.

Chemical: Use your finger to make something transform.

Competition: Leaving the body.

Immigration: Magic.

Future (invite): Can control something flying to.

Atrium: Can make things come back.

Gathering Beast: All kinds of beasts are obedient to orders.

Control: Birds can be tamed.

Prohibited gas: Inhalation may not be required and is otherwise viable.

Power: When chanting this spell, the body will become very strong.

Agarwood: Can penetrate rock.

Photoluminescence: The eyes can glow.

Committed to: Train internal knitting.

Perfect: Sun Wukong can treat illness, take pulse and prescribe medicine.

Food: Anything can be swallowed without harm.

Flange: Can penetrate wall.

Lava: Can jump high, jump far.

Water singing: You don’t mind as much water as you drink.

Snow falls: Can lie in snow without fear of cold.

Violence: May be exposed to the sun.

Tri is: Provisional interpretation, ie being able to know the time is like having a clock.

Awareness: Interim meaning, ie being able to recognize the place by itself is like carrying a map.

Posted star: Very quickly won the object.

Direction: Leading the way, (roughly interpreted: “Direction” only “Direction”, the air path makes peace. “Lead” only “Lead the way”, leading can make needs).

Spray: Using magic to transform the object.

Hoang Bach: Turning stone into gold.

Manh head: Sun Wukong can grow a new head.

Ho Thien: The jar holds heaven (roughly meaning: a small space in the jar can make heaven can turn small).

Swordsmanship: Sword methods and techniques.

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