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ITU Digital World 2020: VCCorp brings Bizfly to the ‘great sea’ of technology in the world

ITU Digital World 2020 – reflecting digital transformation trends and opportunities to enhance the position and image of Vietnamese businesses

ITU Digital World 2020 is an annual event of global stature, large-scale in telecommunications and IT of the International Telecommunication Union ITU will take place from 20-22 /ten. This is a large-scale event in the world for telecommunications and IT (ICT) bringing together several thousand delegates from more than 100 countries and territories around the world. For the first time in an online format, events include Ministerial Roundtables (Ministerial Roundtables) and Forum Sessions associated with the development of the digital world and exhibitions. Online (Virtual Exhibition) with national pavilions of the countries and exhibitions of leading corporations in the world.

With the theme “Building the digital world together – Building the digital world. Together”, ITU Digital World 2020 is an opportunity for domestic digital technology businesses, especially startups, medium and small in promoting and establishing partnerships with leading companies and technology groups in the world and promoting effective products and services. With the sharing of international ministers and speakers, participating businesses can listen and contribute directly at the online conference. Moreover, coming to the online exhibition, businesses will have the opportunity to learn, update and learn from experiences on optimizing digital transformation tools from leading technology enterprises. nation.

The registration portal allows domestic and foreign agencies, organizations and individuals to register to participate in ITU Digital World 2020 event.

Bizfly – VCCorp’s representative attended the Digital World exhibition with leading technology groups in the world and Vietnam

ITU Digital World 2020 is expected to attract the participation of more than 5,000 delegates from more than 100 ITU member countries, including more than 300 senior leaders such as ministers, heads of regulatory agencies, and national organizations. leaders of corporations, businesses and the global media. In particular, all the world famous people in the technology field will come to Vietnam to attend this event. Bizfly is honored to represent VCCorp – a pioneer in the field of technology and digital content in Vietnam, to participate in the event with domestic and foreign technology talents.

Bizfly Solution is an ecosystem in Vietnam that provides synchronous marketing solutions that support easy, fast, and low-cost online transformation for businesses of all sizes in the Bizfly online transformation ecosystem. On every step of customer care from accessing, exploiting to nurturing, Bizfly provides automatic tools, reducing human power, with management and statistical functions, detailed reviews to help businesses make battle. most effective strategy. Solutions in the Bizfly Solution ecosystem have a clear function in the Marketing and Remarketing steps of each enterprise:

➡ Accessibility: Bizfly Smart Web, Bizfly Chat, Bizfly Web

➡ Operator: Bizfly CRM, Bizfly Chat

➡ Nurturing: Bizfly Email, Bizfly SMS, Bizfly CRM

ITU Digital World 2020 VCCorp brings Bizfly to the great sea of technology in the world | ICT News

Solutions in the Bizfly Solution ecosystem

Signing up to the exhibition is completely free, businesses not only have closer access to optimizing digital transformation tools from leading technology companies globally and in Vietnam, but also have the opportunity to Association receives attractive promotions up to 40% and in-depth advice to help businesses make the most effective strategies. The organizers are not limited to the number of participants and the event’s online platform is expected to accommodate 100-200 thousand visitors.

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