It’s a zombie series, but why does the phrase “zombie” never appear in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead can be considered as one of the world’s most popular zombie / apocalyptic / zombie series in the past 10 years. Based on the famous comic series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, this series since its release in 2010 has resonated and quickly attracted the attention of millions of global audiences, thereby becoming AMC’s new golden egg-laying chicken.

However, you may not know, although taking the topic of walking corpses, but the phrase “zombie” almost never appeared in The Walking Dead universe. Commonly used terms include Walkers (most popular), Biters, Creepers, Geeks, Lurkers, and later The Whisperers (only those who are alive but prefer to wear the death mask to blend into the herd) zombie).

The term “zombie” never appeared on the small screen in The Walking Dead.

The phrase “zombie” first appeared in the movie world through director George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” released in 1968. Since then, it has been a long-running topic. new ideas, inspiring a lot of other classics in the field of film, television, fiction or video games. The Walking Dead is certainly one of these, but they absolutely do not use this phrase.

Explaining his decision, Robert Kirkman once shared that in The Walking Dead universe, “zombies” have never appeared in popular culture. We do not have any work on this subject. And when the pandemic broke out, it was the first time “zombies” appeared in the world, the first time humans had to find a way to survive before walking corpses. If before, they knew about zombies through books, movies, then the survival would not be so difficult. They know what to do when such a post-apocalyptic vision comes. Therefore, it is more logical to build a script in the direction of a zombie concept that did not exist in The Walking Dead world.

However, for the comic version in the first issues, the phrase “zombie” appeared at least once in the conversation between the survivors. Robert Kirkman admits it was a mistake of his own, because the concept of “zombie” has stuck in the mind of anyone who wants to exploit this topic for his work. As for the TV version, this phrase has never appeared and has made fans wonder why the manufacturer is using Walkers, not zombies.

It s a zombie series but why does the phrase zombie never appear in The Walking Dead | Live

The word “zombie” appears only in the first few chapters of the The Walking Dead comic book series, because Robert Kirkman is a bit confused.

The Walking Dead comic series officially closed unexpectedly in July 2019, and the broadcast aired until the 10th season. However, before the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the final episode This season has been forced to postpone indefinitely because it has not finished finishing post. Besides, AMC also showed that they have no signs of wanting to end The Walking Dead in the next few years. The proof is that in addition to the main series, this studio also produced two spin-off Fear The Walking Dead (now has 5 seasons) and the upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Not to mention the three movie projects they’ve long cherished, promising to bring police officer Rick Grimes back to the audience after more than a year of absence.

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