It was impossible to make a miracle before JDG, but SofM’s Kanavi performance still made LPL fans excited.

After 2 victories over LNG and WE, JD Gaming – Champion of LPL Spring 2020, becomes a high dose reagent to assess the level of Suning Gaming, and as a result, they failed in this test. Unfortunately, the way SN drops the victory.

SN vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W2D3 Suning vs JDG Gaming by Onivia

In game 1, SofM and his teammates have overwhelmed the defending champion most of the time, something no one can think of. In particular, Graves in the hands of SofM had a complete match against Kanavi – the current LPL No. 1 God. He constantly leads the opponent jungler in the forest monster stat, organizing ganks between and early game more effectively.

But in the end, the SN members’ frequent moves of errors and deaths resulted in the game drifting out of their hands. Twisted Fate in Angel’s hands became useless towards the end of the game, while JDG had a much more effective teamfight with Jarvan IV, Yuumi and Renekton, which led to SN being overturned and lost the game. first.

SofM has a high-level embankment with the jungler Kanavi on the JDG side

In game 2, there was even a time when SN was able to push to the headquarters of JDG, but once again, the champions showed an extremely resilient bravery, when they successfully defended against the SN home push.

The longer the match lasted, Suning’s less-resistant squad became more disadvantageous, and in the end, they were once again turned upside down when JDG broke the line-up in the last two fighting situations, pushing straight to the main house and win the final.

The results of the match were not surprising, but the competition between the two top-class LPL junglers made the fans excited. Lately, it has been a coincidence that the Chinese press has reported extremely heavily on the influence of SofM, and he responded to the praises of Chinese fans in an impressive manner. , although it is not enough to help SN win the 3rd consecutive.

It was impossible to make a miracle before JDG but SofM s Kanavi performance still made LPL fans excited | Esports

There was a time when SN was so close to winning, but they couldn’t catch it successfully

The score of 2-0 actually did not tell the true situation of the match, because it was clearly an extremely difficult victory for JD Gaming. However, it also shows that SN is lacking too many things to be a big force.

SofM is not always able to maintain his current high level, but the problem is that if he plays well, it is his teammate’s turn to be unstable. SN’s squad in general still lacks the stability needed to maintain a positive result, but overall, their performance up to now has a lot of progress compared to the stage. Spring, and LPL Summer 2020’s SN will really be a name to watch out for.

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